Dev Blog 131: Alpha 31 released on experimental (the multi-floor update), aircraft cabin cleaning and NG19 postmortem

Looks like we yet again had a lot to write about in this week’s special deployment development blog! :wink:

GO. READ. If you want to.

Edit: Also pretty dope to have Alpha 31 out together with dev blog 131! :open_mouth:


Nice devblog guys!!!

thanks for answering me on instagram


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Is that A340 or 747 I am kinda messed up I think 747?


It’s still in development, why the wings are different. Fun game… which livery?


Most definitely a 747 - the wing proportions to the tail and engine spacing are classic 747. Also look towards front of fuselage and you can make out the upper windows (it looks like a darker line there).

Qantas? Maple? Boeing 747-8i or -400

ACEO will not include actual airlines though… Maple is a potential but not the launch (Build) livery this time.

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Well, SOMEBODY really didn’t think that jetway solution very thoroughly. I have jetways on all my medium stands. A jetway cannot be added to a stand with an active flight. I have night flights, so my stands are continuously busy, so I can’t add jetways.

And, yeah, adding jetways costs $10,000 each. Guess I gotta hack GameData.json to add the replacement costs of those.

Couldn’t you just have kept the jetways on ground-level (Level 0) stands?

Just wondering, cant you fix it with a 1.5 mil 3 star loan or something :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you build escalators to the first floor?

Oh… some of my escalators did not function before I did a S/R, maybe you have the same?

UPDATE: answered below by Stu and Talyn.

Why would I need escalators? Everything is on Level 0, except my underground conveyor belts on Level -1; those work perfectly in concert with the Level 0 conveyors. My small stands and medium stands are on level 0. Small stands do not have the broken security connection bug.

Yes, I’ve done multiple save/reloads; no joy.

Because jetways only connect to floor 1


Jetway is allways on level 1 (one above ground). so the second you upgrade to jetway your pax need access to level 1 to enter and leave jetway. thats why he asked for escalators. read the devblog. it is mentioned there.

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Stu and Talyn: THANK YOU!!!

According to Steam, I’ve got nearly 500 hours in this game. This update causes a whole new learning curve for the new features.


No probs mate, this update has changed the game!

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Type motherlode and hit enter. 1m in cash added to your game, no need to hack files to add money.


It truly has. Building an airport is a hole new experience now

Great update! :smiley:

Is it correct that it’s not possible to build roads on levels above ground level? It only works on the underground levels i think?

Is it possible to make voids, like an atrium, inside the building?

By the way: The trello board is no longer used. (latest update april 29) :frowning: