Wanted Criminals and Reward

I was watching the airport documentary Heathrow Britain’s Busiest Airport and I noticed in several episodes the police are always in search for a number of wanted individuals like illegal immigrants, terrorists and criminals so it gave me some ideas to adding security to the airport. Normally they are notified by the police in search for these people.

Maybe we can give an addition task to the airport police or a special police force to patrol to random select passengers for checks. From there we can select the levels of the search normal to aggressive as searching innocent passengers can get them upset. To adapt with the game, maybe each criminal we catch we are awarded several hundred to thousands of dollars depending on that criminal, it might not seem much but useful when you are starting small. Every little bit helps. Plus maybe it can help with the airport’s reputation for good security.


I saw the same thing! Would be a cool feature to have sniffer dogs too

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Not to forget the implementation of cameras and perhaps even biometric cameras at the border checkpoint. You would be surprised how many fugitives get stopped at the airport!

Indeed an interesting idea! As you might know, baggage claim and customs are still to be (and the last parts) of the passenger simulation cycle to be implemented. In terms of customs, there’s a lot you could do and the only boundaries we have is the time aspect as I’ve written about earlier.

Customs, in real life, takes a lot of time to process and even though we can tune it so that customs in ACEO are fairly quick to process, each additional simulation layer (searching of bags, criminals, immigration issues) will add to that time issue. So it’s all just a matter of balance… but it’s indeed interesting ideas and something I think we’ll have to include, at least in some aspects, of immigration.


I would love to see customs incorporated into ACEO. It would make sense that its something that happens over time as you don’t necessarily need customs for passengers until you are a large enough airport, but depending on your location you could start out as a large freight airport. Will there be freight aspects that need to be managed in ACEO?

You mean by searching for Terrorists and their bags?

Papers Please expansion? :L

Haha, Papers Please :heart_eyes:

Glory to Arstotzka!


Should there be a criminal holding area for the terrorists and criminals that the security capture, and make them wait until they are transferred to the police,or not?

Could be cool!

Yes but how will we be able to transfer the criminals / terrorists without the passengers seeing them?

Depends how you design your terminal…

That is true.

And passengers could leave luggage then you have do safely dispose of it in case its an explosive then mabe ‘Red bags’ when a passenger misses the plane and their luggage has to be unloaded. I know the Devs are busy but possible in the future :airplane:


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