Walkthrough/tutorial creating separated security zones

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There have been a number of discussions on the forum about secure zones and if they can or cannot be separated and how it works. @ceoandy proofed in his airport that it is working, the only question remained how. So I did some testing around it as I wanted to get to the bottom of it and if you read the thread you see some info already. In this thread I want to share a walkthrough on how to create the separated security zones.

Before I start I have to point out that there is a bug in the system to date that the devs are aware of and will look into after their holiday. The bug is around security zones that are separated after creation or have been connected and separated again, the system then still sees those security zones as one zone so the description below does not work directly, you have to save and re-load the game to get the zones separated or deleted.

Security zone A:

1: Create terminal foundation layout

2: Determine the stand(s) location(s) for secure zone A

3: Lay out the taxiway foundation

4: Connect the taxiway path to the stand(s)

5: Determine the size of the secure zone A compared to the stand(s), waiting area, etc
6: Create secure zone A connecting the stand(s) in secure zone A

7: Built the security station(s) in secure zone A

8: Built the boarding desk(s) with the stands in secure zone A

Secure zone A with medium stands

9: Select the flight type(s) to be accepted

10: Open the stand
11: Check that the security station(s) is/are connected to the stand(s) in secure zone A

12: Place the ‘Secure Area Exits’

Cool you made it to here, now for the real fun adding the extra separated secure zones:

Security zone B and C

Follow steps above to built new stand(s) but keep at least 1 building block open between the stand(s) and other secure zone(s), otherwise the zones will be connected through the stand.

If all has been built correct, the secure zones should not be connected and the secure stations in the separated zones must only be connected to the zone they are built in.

Security station in secure zone C is only connected to secure zone C attached stand (and the same for B)

Security station in secure zone A is only connected to secure zone A attached stands

As with creating secure zone A, do not forget to add security are exits to secure zone B and C

NB! If you built a stand and replace it the game keeps the secure zone on the old stand location, causing overlapping secure zones. This will probably be fixed with the bug fix described above.
Extra stand added

Extra stand removed, but the secure area is still there

As this is a walkthrough/tutorial please do not pay any attention to the lay-out of the airport, this is just for functional purposes. You can obviously built your airport the way you want it to be laid out, but keep the security zones separated as described above. This way you can built security stations per stand, costly but will release you from any congestion at security desks. But you can also layout different zones like @ceoandy did in his airport, or make any creative layout you can think of, but be sure the secure area’s are separated!

That way you can built ‘crazy’ things like this as well :wink:

An extra note, always add secure area exits per zone, otherwise the arriving passengers cannot leave the secure zone. Again, place them where you want and fits best in your airport design.


Nice guide mate, just a point of clarification, do you mean boarding desks or check in desks?

You might want to upload this to steam guides

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing! Time to play with multiple terminal buildings…

Nice info bud

Thanks all for the nice replies! :blush:

@Stu Sorry, my fault, just noticed it on point 8 and changed it. Thanks for spotting!

No problem, it’s a great guide and credit to the community.

How does that work? Or do I need permission from the devs for that?

Browse to this adress:

(only works in steam, paste the url in the adress bar on top of the screen)
Alternatively go to ACEO in your library > click on comunity hub on the right > guides > create guide

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Thanks, will have a look at it

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The exits are not needed at secure zone A and B or am i a bad reader haha XD?
Anyways good guide!!

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They should be there, otherwise the arriving PAX wouldn’t be able to leave

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That was my thought indeed but in the tutorial I missed them so that’s why I asked :wink:

Secure zone B and C you mean? Yes they must be there as @KingBirdy states PAX cannot leave without. Thanks for noticing, have added more pictures with that info.

The separated secure zone guide is live on Steam.


Thanks for the walk through! Makes it really easy!

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Am I right in thinking that passengers will always use the correct security checkpoint?

Passengers will use the security station or stations that are connected to the stand they need to board their flight. If the security zone and stands are connected properly the answer is yes, but if security stations are also connected to different zones and thus stands PAX will end up in (a) wrong security zone(s) and will not be able to board their plane.

Was testing separate terminals last night and encountered a funny thing, remember the ‘alternative secure zone’ setup:

In the test yesterday I used them in operation and because there is only one ‘exit’ directly behind the security officer on the medium security stand the PAX cannot enter the secure path towards the plane… The consequence is that PAX leave the secure zone :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and go around the corner again to go through the security station again ending up in an endless loop till the plane leaves :smile:

PAX should not be able to leave the secure zone and go back in again through a security station, so filed a bug (ACEO-6133) for that. Must say that the pathfinding system solves this in a nice way, as the PAX have the urge to go to the plane and go around the corner again and again to make it, kudos! :sunglasses:


Hi all,

I have tried to do this on my exisiting terminal, even seperating the building and building a new test stand, security and exit point.

The security is still looking up to the old gates etc. if anybody can help?