VulcanFox Airlines Pack

Welcome to my first release of airlines!

In this thread I’ll keep posting updates. My goal is to create a pack that contains all major airline holdings. I started of with airlines that operate in West-Europe (Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands etc.)

All liveries will soon be added to ACEOMM without the reg number.

Got requests, am I missing liveries of a fleet or did I make a mistake? Please PM me or let me know what you think with a reply! :smile:

Why the holdings and not just seperate airlines?

I feel that this brings many advantages with the new master contract system. Accepting a contract with a holding will give you access to flights from all their subsidairies! This will bring a lot of variety without any effort.

What does it include?

At the moment there are 40 liveries with 10+ special liveries from 19 different airlines (owned by the 8 airline holdings).

Release 0.1



Release 0.1 includes 8 airline holdings, 19 airlines and 40 liveries. See the image below for details.


Release 0.1 (13-01-2018) download


Unzip the folder and place it in:
\Steam\steamapps\common\Airport CEO\Airport CEO_Data\DataFiles\Companies

No copyright infringement intended and all rights, logos, names and trademarks belong to their rightful owners. This is a non-commercial project and will be taken down if requested.



BTW, please feel free to post screenshots, as I haven’t even seen all of them in-game! :smile:

Hey. Classwork! Will your liveries be added to the common base?

Very nice work VF. I may just steel your idea with the background for company Logos :yum:


This is not VulcanFox Airlines Pack. This is literally AirportCEO European Airlines DLC :open_mouth: They look beautiful.


@destinxxx What do you mean? :thinking:

@Rubble Haha go ahead! Had to figure out a way to make sure the logo is readable in-game.

@EG0611 Haha thanks :wink:

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i mean this :grin:


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@VulcanFox Yeah, so many different coloured backgrounds they go on, it’s difficult to get a consistent look.

Just looking at them in-game now.

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@destinxxx Oh yes, but I need to change a lot for ACEOMM. The reg numbers need to be removed and some designs are changed slightly so they look more pleasing in 2D.

Some airlines got a few aircraft that aren’t in-game yet so I used an aircraft that is close to it (KLM Cityhopper a CRJ700 instead of Fokker, as an example). It may take a while so I decided to upload them already.

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ACEOMM doesn’t in hurry. We can wait as long as you need. :slight_smile:


thanks for the great work!

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Can you do a Delta and Alaska airlines group. Alaska with the 737’s and put the virgin america A320’s in that pack due to the merger. Then Delta with the A320 737 and CRj’s

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I’ve put in on my list!

Excellent work indeed! Thank you for these :smiley:


Delta And Alaska airlines were done by pologuy for aceomm

Ahh, it’s not that big of an issue. I like to give my own twist to them and it only takes like 10 minutes to make the livery, which I’ll use for creating the holding/group.

ACEOMM can hold multiple liveries from multiple designers so it is not an issue.

This will be the last addition for a while. There doesn’t seem that much interest in the game/mods and personally I’m not playing at all. I also feel like only a handful of people are using the pack, which just doesn’t make it worth it to expand. This means the project will be on hold for now.

Thanks to everyone who is using and enjoying the pack! :smile:


Sorry to hear that VF. I for one appreciate the quality and time you’ve put into these liveries and enjoy them very much.


Well, that is a shame :frowning: Maybe you will resume the excellent work after a break?, I hope so, as the quality of this pack, and the continued additions to it, would be sorely missed.

Thank you again for the opportunity to use this, and all the hard work in creating it :slight_smile:

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