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In airports there are different companies that can do jobs for airlines, like catering etc. In Airport CEO will there be an option for companies that we have to allow to cater for airlines. Usually airlines choose their own company to do this. Maybe later down the track we can hire our own staff to do the job if airlines want to. We could compete our own staff against different companies in our own airport.

Anyone else like this idea or want to add anything more?


I like the idea, that some company will do catering, but shouldn’t airlines pay for it then?
And I am not sure how developers plan it, but will airlines/general aviation pay for parking, fueling etc.?

As far as I read it will be a whole simulation of the real world:

  • paying fees for “Runway use”
  • paying fees for “Parking use”
  • paying extra fees for “Gate use”
  • paying you for refueling the planes
    all those things and more will be paid by them if they’re stated as part of the contract.

So, you will likely have airlines which give you money solely for landing/starting, using your facilities (terminal, parking) and then fly away without refueling. But also maybe your “hub airline” which will ask you for everything you can offer.

That is pretty realistic and I thing you could have a contract with a catering company, but airlines would pay to use it.

I cannot find much information about the catering from the devs however I found some.

Really excited about an airport sim! just a few thoughts, not sure if they have already been discussed.

Catering services building, higher quality food produced having beneficial impact on level of airlines
Fuel services and storage on airport.Hotels on airport grounds - reduce costs for cancelled flights, or be an attractive item for developing ‘hub’ airline contracts
Specialist cargo facilities, like live animals, chillers for flowers, postal or parcel centers etc to diversify cargo operations

Hey! Great ideas, a few of them are already in the pipeline. We’ve added
them to our suggestion database and will keep them as a reference when
steaming ahead. Hotels are an interesting ideas but there’s always that
difficult trade-off regarding how they would be built, possibly they
could be placed down as separate structures otherwise we’ll integrate
Hotel CEO into the game (lol). Thanks! // dev

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Yeah! Either that or I would really like the option to rename the companies working at the airport. That would be easier to implement I think. Plus I think it would be great if you could customize the employee’s uniforms and names. That way if you want to goof off you can name them a bunch of silly names.

That would be nice. It would add some “flavor” to the airport. :grin:

I see one major advantage to this idea (Not only catering, but most services). It allows the player to choose the level of micro management.
If you don’t want to micro, just hire a company to do it offsite.
If you do want to micro, then implement the service yourself.


Well you will have to give there companies charges for using parking slots and using airport property for storing food for example if your in america and travel to a international destination the catering will be different with different products such as in Australia they have mount Franklin but in american they may have Dasani or arrowhead

That might be nice requirements the airline imposes on you: having a specific cuisine available for their flights. But as with the restaurant debate, if you’re worried a butt hurt player finds ‘indian curry’ offensive, allow the player and the game to make up their own ‘cuisine’ (i.e. Indian cuisine for flights to India, American cuisine for flights to America and so on.).

This would mean you need multiple catering contracts / jobs

This topic reminds me… Will be there cathering companies like airlines, fuel companies etc… ?

That is somewhat the plan yes :slight_smile:


That is somewhat the plan yes :slight_smile:


Maybe we could use top 10 winners of previous design contests.

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