The Tiny Airport Challenge/Showcase

Hello there everyone!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my tiny airport showcase/challenge. I have no idea if this thread will be ignored or a fun and busy challenge! But why not just get into it.

What is a tiny airport?
A tiny airport is a small airport with a max of:

  • 1 medium stand
  • 7 small stands

But, there can be as many services as you want! Be creative and detail as much as you want, a small beautiful airport is a great one!

If you want to showcase your tiny airport why not either: Link to a separate thread, like my example, St. Helena airport. Or you can post your showcase on this thread, but remember to use the hide details function! :slightly_smiling_face:


This is the main part of the post, the tiny airport contest! :grinning: Build as small of an airport as you can, but with the most services! You can use one of your old airports if you want or create a new one in your free time, but that is your choice. If you want to participate (I really don’t know if this will be a “success” for me or not :thinking:) then just say it in a comment down below!

Here are the rules. Note: they may change and I will post them below if they do.

  • You must have at least 2 stands
  • Must have at least 1 commercial stand
  • There must be emergency services
  • No changing game files
  • No deicing (Sorry!)
  • Max terminal size of 75x75 over all floors
  • 1 max buisness class louge
  • Must be smaller or the same size of the guidelines under “What is a small airport?”
  • There must be a reasonable staff size (Like 2 of each minimum)
  • You must be on 90% or 80% passenger per flight ratio (80% for a challenge but not extra points :slightly_smiling_face:).

Other note: You can use sandbox and no construction for building but try too make money, if you do (Wow, I think that would be very hard) you will get extra points. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your airport is going to be “Graded” on in a few different categories:

  • Stands and hangers
  • Services
  • Passenger Services
  • Staff Treatment
  • Economy

Exact point amounts below :slightly_smiling_face:.

Points Per Category

Here are the specific points your airport can get in each catagory:

Stands and hangers
Start with 10 points. (Every stand/hangar adds or takes away points)
Stands (every small stand is one less point)

  • 1 small stand ~ -1 pts
  • 1 medium stand ~ -2 pts


  • 1 small hangar ~ 1 pts
  • 1 medium hangar ~ 1 pts

Start with 0 pts

  • GA refueling ~ 1pt
  • Commercial refueling ~ 1pt
  • Catering ~ 1pt
  • Cleaning ~ 1pt
  • Baggage ~ 2pts
  • Emergency services ~ 2pts

Passenger services
Start with 0 pts

  • Seating outside security ~ 1pt
  • Seating inside security ~ 1pt
  • Cafe or shop outside security ~ 1pt each
  • Cafe or shop inside security ~ 1pt each
  • Bathroom inside security ~ 1pt
  • Bathroom outside security ~ 1pt
  • Buisness class louge ~ 2pts

Staff Treatment
Start with 0pts

  • Staff Room 40 small squares+ ~ 1pt
  • Staff has bathroom ~ 1pt

Start with 0pts

  • Making money ~ 5pts
  • Didn’t use any “Cheats” ~ 5pts

End details :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for reading the whole thing if you did, and thanks for (Hopefully) not ignoring this topic! It would be cool to see what you came up with!! :grinning: Remember too use the hide details function and thanks for reading.



I’ve just started a new airport, look out for a submission soon…

Provided that the upcoming B1.1 update to default doesn’t klartz it… :smirk:

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My current WIP airport is too far advanced for for this competition, so I started a new one.

Sandbox mode, realtime building construction. Started on easy setting, £3mil start money. Everything - excluding deicing - thrown in. 90% PAX ratio. 3 Small stands (GA, Commercial, Emergency) and 1 Medium stand.

Have a look: Land's End Regional [LEQ] - Tiny Airport Contest

I’ve got the inside of the terminal fairly well-decorated, next session I’ll do something about prettying-up the transit zones…

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Just say when you are done :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, it’s all done, and I’ve updated my Airport thread.

This is a very interesting challenge, firstly building something that compact and then trying to make a profit with it, and then battling the itch to expand it to get even more money out of it. It is a limited-interest-span exercise, though, without the constant growth aspect, the gameplay is reduced to tweaking the existing structures and workflow to squeeze a few extra pounds into the profit side of the financial equation. I spent a lot more time with the game on faster speeds than I do with my normal builds.

Thanks, humoresque.

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I think I can go smaller :slight_smile: I’ll build it tomorrow

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Wait so you can’t use 100% pax ratio?

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No, just a tad bit of challenge… Just use 90% :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry :neutral_face:

@talisman56 Score here: Land's End Regional [LEQ] - Tiny Airport Contest - #6 by humoresque

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Alright then!

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looking forward to your airport!! :grinning: :+1:

I should try 3 Small stands and 1 Medium stand.

Go ahead!