New 'tiny' airport

Started off to create a tiny airport as part of the tiny airport challenge, but then you first have to read the rules :blush:

Nevertheless had some fun building this, for me, ‘tiny’ airport, as I normally build full scale map airports.

1 Land piece
15 Small commercial stands
1 Small emergency stand
4 Small hangars
2 Small runways (1 landing, 1 take-off)
3 Small de-icing stands
Emergency buildings

My tiny airport

Helicopter view

Close up of the main terminal on level 0

Close up of level 1 with in the top left the self-boarding gates for remote stands, top middle extra security stations and down middle the self-checkin desks and self bagage drop

Close up of level -1 with on the top the subway entrance/exit and below the bagage handling system and bagage claim

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Great airport! The contest is for even tinier airports but I love how compact the terminal is! :grinning: :+1:

Thanks! Yups, it’s pretty cramped :relaxed:

The contest is for even tinier airports

I know, so maybe have to start over again and keep to the contest rules this time :wink:

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I doesn’t really matter, the point is to have fun and try to restrain yourself from expanding to much, but if you do make one by the rules I would be very eager to see it! :grinning: