St. Helena Airport (Not a real copy)

Hello! Below I am showing of my new detailed build: the St. Helena airport. Hope you like it. :wink:

As CEO of this wonderful little airport I have added some new services compared to the GA airport I started with. First there is the small and compact terminal:

It handle the few daily flights well and is partially automated. There are bathrooms both in and out of security as well as a cafe inside security.
Then there is the arrivels area and all the parking lots:

There are the following:

2 bus stops
2 taxi stops
4 car drop off and pick up stops
1 short term parking lots
2 long term parking lots
All mostly lit (during the night) and decorated using trees, flowers, and hedges.

The next part of the tour; the airplane infostructure:

There are:
4 GA stands
2 small commercial stands
1 medium commercial stand

Also, there is De-icing for small aircraft (it has never been used) as well as a medium runway with turnarounds on either end.
Now lets jump into the services for the aircraft:

There is refueling for all aircraft as well as catering and garbage services for the twice-daily medium aircraft. De-Icing is also provided in case of a rare freeze over. The weater station and a small service building are on the other side of the runway:

Lastly, there is the small buissenes class and first class lounge upstairs. Take a look:

Here is a whole overview of the airport:

Here are the last few pictures of the airport:

Thats what is underneath the airport!! And lets take a look at some night photos:

And thats it!! I hope you liked it!

Savegame: Steam Workshop::St. Helena airport


wow, well done!!!


Thanks. I still need to figure out what do do in the out of security area next to security and next to the bathrooms!

Make some room for emergencies!

Yep, I need to get ready of ACEO alpha 36!! I am very excited for it to drop to experimental branch! :+1:

I to made a copy of this airport. However pc broke. Hoping to recover drives and upload in near future.

Amazing. Love the tropical feel.

May I also ask how you made the service vehicle parking lot (last screenshot) concrete? Mine are always grass, and I can’t find a way to change it. Thanks :slight_smile:

You need to put concrete (or asphalt) tiles under the service vehicle parking. You can do the same with vehicle and fuel depots to match the colour of the service roads.

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Yep that’s right! I almost always do it because I think it looks nicer and is more realistic.

Under aircraft infrastructure it says tarmack or something and you can drag it under almost anything!

It’s time for the Alpha 36 update:

There has been a few changes since the last tour and today I am only showing of the newest additions. Tropico Cafe has been added as a luxury restaurant outside of security:

A closer look:

The cooks are cooking:

Then there is all the new emergency equipment! The country has also reqested a redo of the small parking area:

Lighting has been added everywhere on the paths because of new reglations. Here is the Emergency response area:

The ATC area has been redone with the addition of hangers:

Lastly there is the Staff area and the new shop:

Here is the airport overview with all the changes:

I hope you enjoyed! :wink: Tell me what you think. Bye for now :wave: