The Airport CEO Business Design Contest [Banks]

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After the success of the Airport CEO Airline Design Contests we are happy to announce yet another opportunity for you to make your mark on Airport CEO! The Airport CEO Business Design Contest is the second opportunity you as a player have to implement your own business into the game! The winners will receive a free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge.

We are currently missing logos for most businesses in the game. We would like to focus on testing rather than spending a lot of time on creating the required 40 to 50 logos. Therefore, we are asking you to get creative and help out by contributing to the game! This time the concept will be a bit different from the airline design contest: There will not be a community vote, instead we will pick logos which we seem fit for Airport CEO. Of course, you are more than welcome to help us in the process by liking any logos you like in the forum thread as it could help us choose but ultimately we will make the final call.


Come up with a concept for a business or brand you’d like to see in the game. We’re looking for a company or brand name, the logo in .psd or .png file format, a short description, tagline or sales pitch of the company or brand as well as a the name of the company’s CEO.

We are looking for a good mix of business within these categories…

  • Cheap (a company which just wants to sell low quality products for lowest price possible)
  • Small (small company with a couple of employees,
  • Medium (has fairly large business in home country and possibly neighboring countries)
  • Large (big global cooperation)
  • Exclusive (not necessarily a large company but targets wealthy people)

… within these industries (the number indicates the approximate number of logos we need)…

  • Restaurants/Cafes (around 20)
  • Shops (around 20)
  • Construction Companies (3-5)
  • Banks ( 3, a small, a medium and a large)
  • Aviation Fuel Suppliers (3-5)


  • Come up with a business name and short background story that you think might fit in the game. Your business should be specified in an industry and business category.
  • Download the design below template (PSD or PNG) and apply the logo. We strongly recommend using Adobe Photoshop (trial version can be obtained).
  • All external content must be 100% free to use commercially. If you are unsure, do not use! Very important! We have seen some logos with copyright protected material and we will not be able to accept them in because of that. Use a safe website like or for external content.
  • Logo and name must not be similar to existing companies or brands.
  • You are welcome to post several designs but as always, we value quality over quantity.
  • All logos must use the provided template.
  • Designers who gets their logo(s) selected will receive one free copy of Airport CEO and a special honorary forum badge.
  • Remember that the logo will be downsized in the game. Try not to add small text as it will not be readable. Also try to keep the logo as square as possible.
  • One submission per post (please fix multiple submissions and divide them into the correct categories)

Templates can be found here.


Submit your entry in a post below using the following format:

[Upload you logo in Logo in PNG or similar]

Name: [company or brand name]

Category: [industry (café, shop etc), category (cheap, medium etc)]

Description: [a short description, tagline or sales pitch. Try to keep it short (approx. 3 to 4 sentences]

CEO Name: [the name of the company or brand CEO]

Name of company name:AIU Bank
Description:AIU Bank is a Large bank that is founded during the 80s in London,UK.It is a worldwide bank. It is also available in other countries such as China,India,UAE,Japan,Canada,USA and etc
CEO Name:John Barretto


Selected Design :star:

Name: Apex Fundings

Category: Medium Bank

Description: Apex Fundings is the investor for bigger commercial projects. Successfully funding companies such as Avinator, Coffe Hub, AviFuel and more. Apex means top, and this is exactly where we want to take you. Our company was established in 1955. With our transparency, no failed investments and highly educated employees who knows the best for your business, we hope you will put your trust in us.

CEO Name: Daniel Lange


Name: United Banking Group (UBG)

Category: Banking, Large

Description: When in 2006 four banks combined, they called it the UBG, and only doing high loans.

CEO Name: Spencer Brown



Name: Arcadius Financial

Category: Bank (medium)

Description: Arcadius is a regional bank with aspirations to step out on the international stage. Their interest in aviation gives them an opportunity to get their name out to travelers from around the globe as they look to expand.

CEO Name: Charles Montgomery


Name of Company:British Regional Bank(BRB)
Description:Founded on January 20,2011 In the city of Cambridge in UK.The bank started with ten employees including managers and executives. After few years of sucess,The bank is already available in different parts of UK like London,Manchester,South Wales and more parts of UK,And It also has around 200 employees and 12 managers.It will expand its banking service to Ireland and Amsterdam in late 2017.
CEO:Matt Smith

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Name: AMC Bank

Category: Bank, Small

Description: Established 5 years ago the AMC Bank is a local bank, where people can trust their money. With low taxes and professional workers this bank intends to expand and to be different from the competition.

CEO Name: Aric Oscar


Name: Piggy Bank

Category: Bank (Small)

Description: Established in 2015. Piggy Bank offers small amounth of loans with small amounth of interest to whoever needs to improve their businesses.
CEO Name: Andre Warachova


Name: Forclear Bank
Category: Bank Small
Description: Forclear Bank believes in being your banking buddy. We help those who need that little push to get started to those who are established and want to expand. We are the people’s bank nothing more nothing less.
CEO Name: Stanley Bayne


Selected Design :star:

Name: Indigo Investments
Category: Bank, Large
Description: Indigo Investments is a infrastructure investment bank that finances P3 (Public Private Partnerships) projects. A large portfolio under management includes public transit, airports as well as ground transportation networks.
CEO: Oscar Klausen


Name: Big Revenue Bank & Stock

Category: Bank, Small or medium

Description: They use their knowledge in stock and international finances to make big money. They focus in forex so they can offers great currency exchange in every moment. They had the platinum revenue card for all the travellers.

CEO Name: José Robles

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[Removed due to copyright reasons - Nautilus Investments is an existing company]


Name: Sizen Bank

Category: Bank (Medium)

Description: Sizen Bank is a new and upcomming strong bank.

CEO Name: Theodor Faminos


Name: BBR

Category: Bank (Medium)

Description: BBR is not a very different bank from the others but he is a very welcoming bank like the Brazilian people, he seeks is always from you and does not leave you in the hand. Considered the seat of the people in its cozy way

CEO Name: Windsor Silva

Name: Big Bucks Banking

Category: Bank (International brand, Very Large)

Description: A new time bank that helps with loans accountants as well as ATMs. as well as those things they also can setup Foreign Currency exchanges at your airport.Although if you don’t pay on time they might raise your loan interest a lot harder then the past as well as become some loan sharks don’t get too far into debt or they’ll take the airport and everything with it,

CEO Name: Andy Jackson Brother of Chris Jackson and CEO of Big Bucks banking
Sorry I’m just making all my companies intertwined somehow

[Removed due to copyright reasons]
Name Center Star
Category Bank (Small, but for the wealthy and/or corporations)
Description A small bank operating mostly for large companies investments and loans
CEO Paul Coleman

(Sorry about the poor quality)

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Name: BlueBank

Category: Bank, Small

Description: “BlueBank” is a small bank that includes branches in a few cities and towns nationwide.

CEO Name: Thomas Tucker

Name: YellowBank

Category: Bank, Medium

Description: “YellowBank” is a medium-sized bank that includes branches in almost all major European cities

CEO Name: Thomas Tucker

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