The 3/5 features you want implemented next

Catering hopefully will be implemented quickly! It is huge part of airport ops

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Airline HUBs. Ability to build hangers for AC parking and MX for aircraft. Allowing a single Airline to have there own hangers and own terminal wing/gates and ticketing desks

This is my plan for multi level

Here is a few things

  1. Cargo planes/sections/terminals
  2. Incidents (Would also require more security stuff)
  3. Review system

Passengers, airlines and shops do as I understand already rate your airport and the contract you get are dependent on your rating.

Feel free to check my other thread out, the review system goes in depth about how secure security is as well as what luxury items you have etc…

  1. ability to assign check in to gates - that way we should be able to have multiple terminals
  2. Ability to move an item already constructed without having to demolish and rebuild
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Agreed. Would also like to assign gate seats/a zone to a boarding desk. That would also prevent people sitting at the ‘wrong’ gates’.

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  1. time dilation when path-finding queue tops out
  2. staff restriction zones (mark zone’s for cleaners, technicians, etc… that they cannot leave).
  3. one way taxilanes
  4. one way doors
  5. templating by saving a marked area, whereafter the template can be build as a whole from a game menu. (think queues, waiting area’s, shop layouts, etc, etc).
  1. Information warnings clickable, so that one can find and action problem, i.e PAX problems etc.
  2. Conveyor belts that can cross.
  3. Zoom to mouse cursor.
  4. Take off/landing on both ends of runways, dependent on wind conditions.
  5. Flight info screens clickable to show departure and arrival info.
  6. ATM’s, vending machines and other cash making devices.
  1. Multiple Floors
  2. Emergencies inside the airport (fires, power cuts ect)
  3. Car Parks
  4. Multiple Terminals
  5. Flight Connections
  1. Realistic Routes and Destinations
  2. Multiple Terminals
  3. Airline Specific Check-in Desks
  4. Car Parks
  5. Flight Connections
  6. One Way Taxiways
  7. Many More Stand Variations

I could go on for hours! :grinning:


Well I have only one big wish, which could be implemented one day:

  1. Cargo operations.

I would love to build a cargo HUB. I live close to Leipzig, which is a world HUB (of 3) for DHL. If this thing would be released one day as an add-on for Airport CEO, I would be the first person who buys it. :joy:

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  1. cargo.
  2. land expansion.
  3. transportation/car parks.
  4. bigger stands with bigger planes.
  5. events (need police or fire department)

This is the implementation order that I think would be the most logical (of ideas that have been coming out) (it’s just a proposal):
1-Multiple flors pack (planned) (I wood add: diferent levels roads: bridges + tunnels, you can see the tunnels and the platform of underground)
2-Aviation services pack (planned) (catering (I wood add kitchen for your resteurants and airlines), cleening, deicing)
3-Exterior transports pack (urban buses, coaches, taxis, metro, rental cars, garbage, construction, food and trucks with products. And buildings for them)
4-Realistic contracts pack (your and the companies can cancel contract, offer prices… + flight planner revision)
5-Interiors anb rooms pack (offices, lounges,… Moving walkway, vending machines, roof objects…)
6-Connection pack (flights with a ladder, realistic destinations, groups of people…)
7-Staff pack (To give utility to the aptitudes, turns / schedules, to make pauses to eat / to go restroom…)
8-Utilitaries pack (water,electricity, wifi, invoices…)
9-Exteriors/More bigger pack (hevy aviation (like A380), very very large runway, stands, transport between terminals… +45º colocation)
10-The supereexpected: emergencies pack (police, medics and firemen vehicles… +ATC management, consequences of ATC, bag scaning…)
11-Cargo planes pack (cranes, cargo planes, cargo trucks, cargo trains…)
12-Multiplayer pack/dlc

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This list should be updated :slight_smile:

  1. Staff restriction zones (mark zone’s for cleaners, technicians, etc… that they cannot leave).

  1. Staff Hiring Optimisation
  1. One way doors
  1. Templating by saving a marked area

  1. Cargo trucks use multiple loading sites

I agree on all of these! Especially your top 3! Assigning workers to certain area is genius! Auto hiring aka your HR director doing that. No makor CEO does the hiring! They hire someone to do that. And the one way doors… OH MY GOODNESS!! Real Airports have a flow and without one way doors you cannot do that in this game.

The only other thing is add is being able assign gates and checkins to a specific airline! Most real airports work like this… airlines “rent” checkin desks and gate areas and even maintance areas on the airport property.

  1. pistas de pouso/decolagem de mão dupla e mais opções de rotação;
  2. salas/escritórios/ambientes pré-montados;
  3. otimização dos menus de construção/ gerenciamento;
  4. mais opções de personalização;
  5. eventos aleatórios.

translated by Google :wink:

  1. two-way landing / take-off runways and more rotation options;
  2. pre-assembled rooms / offices / environments;
  3. optimization of the construction / management menus;
  4. more customization options;
  5. random events.


discussion about runways and wind-shift



You know you can Color objects yourself with a paintbrush (right click).
And for planes we have a big MOD community.

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