Runway not working

I’m trying to open a runway for a new game but the runway won’t turn on saying there is not entrance/exit even tho I have one

Try a save and reload, they should then be recognised. Not seen that happen in quite a while though.

You should ideally have a connection at each end.


Thank you this happened with on of my other saves too and that worked I believe

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Are you on the latest Alpha 29.4 version?

Make sure you have one entrance and one exit, otherwise the runway will not properly work.


Lets clarify; an on/off ramp with ENTREE/EXIT on will not be sufficient as ON and OFF ramp.

About that, it is strange that for “one-way” runways (i.e. landing/take-off only) the check requires both exit and entry. The only case were that would make sense would be if a failed take-off mechanic would exist for take-off only runways. Obviously for landing only runways an entry does not make sense.
Not necessarily bug but more of a QoL improvement.

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It is probably to do with when wind is reintroduced in to the game that your runways may need to operate the other way round to compensate and there need both exits and entrances

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True, but runway direction switching due to wind variation, at the current stage, would create a mess on the path finding in the taxiways since there is no possibility to establish holding areas. So a take off que would have to also be dynamically inverted if the airport does not have circular taxiways.
In the current state of alpha I find that manually designating one-ways prevents aircraft path finding going berserk :slight_smile:

We should get a Queue indicator marker for a runway, then you could queue planes on a non airstrip related path location. Then when wind in introduced, the queue would be the location where-from the plane for a strip would depart from to that runway. Make it a connectable dot, so, you can have more queue points connect to 1 strip.

To be honest i see a wind mechanic at an “expert” level of difficulty only, simply because to re-order a que would take a complex system of taxi-ways which for a small-mid airfield simply are not [and should not be] profitable. When wind conditions are unfavorable generally airfields [even the largest ones] close operations and divert/ground flights. It should also be selectable by the player if he prefers auto-switching vs closing operations…
I also read a thread mentioning the adding of stop blocks and other taxiway markings, those should be covering the basics of the que building.
Though even in real life it is a complicated task for the ATC to switch the runway direction so I’m not optimistic on being easy in game :wink:

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So, maybe have it in Medium mode a “higher chance” of wind shift.

And on Hard a lot of wind shifting?

Depends what you mean by wind shifting… Generally runways are built on the direction of the most frequent wind patterns so this is not very common to start with. Therefore with the start of any new game with winds enabled there will be a need to provide the player with a wind pattern [including direction and probability] as a first thing… not to mention to put it into the tutorial… so that he can plan the runways accordingly.
To implement it in say medium I would see the wind bi-directional only say N-S or E-W pattern with high [holding] probability, say 90%. For instance a direction change say S-to-N to be RNG with a mean time to happen of 1 in ten days. With a revert to the initial pattern after ~1 day.
In high the patterns could be omni-directional (cross-wind included) with probability of 70-75% and a revert time down to 10 - 14 hours. Plus maybe cross-wind gusts of 1 - 2 hours with a 70% probability in spring and autumn.
Then a lot of balancing…:slight_smile:

Oh and I almost forgot about the meteorological station… now it would be actually useful to indicate wind direction, speed and predict shifting wind patterns.

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I would like to point out that runways are built (usually) on an East to West layout to account for natural flow of wind on earth. Weather patterns are still in its infancy. What aviation is always most concerned with are crosswinds, an issue which is very complex, especially since most people have no clue how closely related wind to pressure at altitude is and that 10 min of sunshine can impact helicity quite dramatically.

That being said, until players have some control over ATC and ability to change gates on the fly, the feature is pointless.


Totally agree :smiley:

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