Subscribed airlines not showing up. Part.2

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have the problem in the title. I red those articles:

but I can’t solve the problem.

I have a five stars airport, with all size and kind of stands. All services active too.
I subscribed andycishere and dawed airline mods only, except for four Dubinek’s business pack.
I tried everything but not all the airlines shows up after several in game days.
I also tried to deactivate all vanilla stuffs (with the game warning me about no companies active in bank, contractors, fuel, ecc.) and the four (small) Dubinek’s packs, leaving active airlines only (under 150 mods, more or less 110-120) but I obtain the same result: not all the airlines showing up.
I have no double airlines with same name.
I also tried to delete and download again all the mods. I ticked everything in the mods menu.
Any other ideas?
After all this i subscribed Emirates by the_rubble …and this company showed up. It has no sense… why not the others?

Thank you for reading

Hello and welcome

On what system are you playing and what are the specifications?
daweds and my mods normally work, so there should not be an issue within them.

Another way is to move the mods from the Steam Workshop folder (\steamapps\workshop\content\673610) to the native mod folder (C:\Users{username}\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Mods) and try if this option may works.

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i guess you have the limitation issue…
if you say under 150 mods but 110-120 active
so several of those mod may have 2-3 contracts in it (different liveries, fleets) at the end this is what leads to the limitation issue… so i am sure it is loading older mods but not newer ones rigth?

if you need them all, no-fun’s way is the best… keep in mind, every mod that is loading use RAM
so best practice is only to play with the mods you like to show on your airport

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Thank you for your answers.
windows 10 pro
Itel Core i7-7700 kaby lake technology @ 3.60GHz
ram 16gb
3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
motherboard MSI Z270-A PRO

I will do as no fun said and i’ll tell you if it works.
I thought that was the limitation issue, but, as I wrote, the last I subscribed (Emirates) is present in contracts. Really no sense. Thank you anyway.

Will the limitation last forever? Or, could devs add a feature to remove it? I hope so :slight_smile:

And thank you for yours mods, great job

According to the devs, the limitation depends on the available VRAM. So as better the graphics card, as higher is that limit.

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Ok thank you.

About your method, should I unsubscribe mods from steam after moving the folders in native ? or just untick the steam version ? I ask because the game keep crashing during loading the airport.

If you have them in the native folders, you don’t need the Steam one anymore.

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