How many airline mods can you have running at once?

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I’ve been collecting all the airline mods on Steam and I wanted to build an airport with all the mods. Unfortunately, The game had apparently too much content to load that I wasn’t even able to load the game to where I could start building my airport. Is there a way that I can have my airport with all the airline mods available? Also how many steam airline mods can be running in the game that will still able the game to still work properly?
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That is an interesting question. :thinking: As the mods have different sizes based on the airplane/design I guess that it’s not so much in the amount of mods but more in the amount of data that can be handled by the game. I would not be surprised if the devs have put some sort of limit on that, but maybe not and potentially the game could ‘crash’ which in your case probably happened and the game didn’t load. How long did you wait for the game to start? As it could be that the game will eventually start because huge save games can also take tens of minutes before the game is loaded.

Probably best to run a couple of trial and errors with X amount of mods (start with 10) and see if the game starts, then add 10 more mods and run it again until you run against a no starting game. Would be interested to hear what the outcome is of that investigation :slightly_smiling_face:

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Each Mod loaded will have an impact on both load time and memory usage. As Puma has rightly indicated the more mods the longer load times. I’ve tested someone else’s airport as they were having it seem to not load. Those that tested it recorded different load times. For me it took just under 10 minutes to load. Others had been waiting nearly double. I have about 25 airline and a smattering of other types of mods shops/fuel etc and a normal load time for me is about 20 seconds.

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