Subscribed airlines not showing up

Hey guys,

I have an issue I never had before - some of the airlines from the Steam Workshop do not come up as contracts at all. Namely the ones with widebodies (Emirates, Cathay, Etihad etc.). I’ve tried resubscribing them as well as ticking and then unticking them in the mod menu. I’ve waited for hours in game, but they just didn’t show up.

Any ideas why this is happening?

I do have quite a few airlines subscribed, however even those subscribed after Emirates do show up. So I don’t think there’s an issue with subscription limit. This really bothers me.

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How long have you waited for them? They don’t all show up at once. You say you have quite a few, roughly how many?

Do you have many mods, also shops, subscribed? And also default enabled? aorund 155 businesses overall is more or less the maxium… And then with many subscribed mods (not important if marked in game or not) it will load first default and then by age from oldest to newest…
Some of us found this out but aren’t sure exactly… Best thing you can try, unsubscribe all mods and just have those that you want

Ya I did that recently when I made VOID AIRWAYS. I had WAY too many mods so I insured from all of them then went back and resumed to the ones I wanted.

Thanks for the replies, guys!

I have subscribed to 67 mods according to Steam Workshop and I have disabled the native/default ones. Of those subscribed I have removed all regional airline packages (except for Northern Europe Pack), so the total airline count is less than 80.

Last night I played the game for over an hour for testing purposes. I signed all the airlines as soon as they came up. In about 30 minutes new airlines just stopped comming up.


the Northern Europe Pack is huge with shops…
i guess you reach there with that pack that limitation issue… what i told is not only airlines, it is everything that counts…

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