Forums - lots of dead links

Recently I stumble across several dead forum links, starting with… which should direct to a thread/posting, but are dead.

For example:

Is this a known side effect of a forum change, I’ve missed?

Is there any way to ‘reactivate’ them? As just using them without “test.” doesn’t work…

replace test by forum. and it works.
But at the end a mass update seems to be needed.

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The forum has been updated to another system a couple of months back, hence why emoticons are not shown in some older posts and as the feature requests are active now again these link issues come up as well because these are all from before the forum update. Replace it for now as @andyc states, maybe Olof can do a search and replace in the back-end. But I think there are other more important bugs to be managed for A34 at the moment :wink:

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I fully agree with @Puma! I will look at it at some point and see if we can’t simply replace all “test.” with “forum.” but it’ll be at a later stage. We’re also going to have to do another big migration again before this forum finds its final resting place in Autumn 2020 so I might even wait until then… but we’ll see! :slight_smile:


Could you create an alias “” for “”?
You wouldn’t need to global-replace immediately then…

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An alias or redirect would indeed also help, but if the test.domain is used for other stuff as well than it would also affect that. So there is a dependency :wink:

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Cookies is a dependency too

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