Staff disappear on loading

When I load an existing save all my existing staff disappear. With a big airport it takes ages to re-hire enough (there are at most 5 applicants for any role at any given time). In the meantime, you end up with enormous delays because flights can’t be (un)loaded with bags, baggage bays aren’t operated, passengers can’t check-in, pass security (applies to staff as well), or board. Leads to disruption and loss of income and reputation.

I had this on older versions, sometimes. vehicles are gone, too?

Normally save should be working, but you have to hire new staff and buy new vehicles. or you (hopefully) have a backup…

Please make a bug report, so devs can have a look at it!

I’ve just filed a bug report on it but it is very annoying when it happens.

It is… :frowning:

Are you on experimental branch?

I recommend to enable autosave AND make manual saves time by time, depending on how much progress you are making (building this or so…)…

Game is running very stable and (especially comparing to beginning of early access times) save-game breaking bugs are very very rare - but it is still in alpha-phase…

Same issue here, what kind of system do you run, Windows or Mac? I play on a Mac.

For now it is at random and have not been able to pinpoint what is triggering it and cannot reproduce it, unfortunately it just happens at some point. If I start a new game it’s gone again and it is also not with every game. When it happens it doesn’t help to make an autosave or multiple saves of the same game, then everything around that game is ‘affected’. Only after a S&R the staff is gone, not during the game itself after a save action.

Will file another bug report as well, hopefully the devs can find something. Do you have a bug number, so I can link to that?

Edit: Just filed a bug report (ACEO-7345)

I’m running on Windows.

Look at this:

In the last thread Olof replied, that something is broken during loading…

so save & reload can fix it, sometimes…

Edit: Of course only reload, without saving… :wink:

This issue happened to me, on an airport I slaved over; so needless to say, I was ticked off… Submitted a bug, but the devs could not replicate.

However, I was able to “sort of” fix the issues in the game by just deleting all the people in the corresponding save file (I do not recommend, however). Without doing this, though, it continually showed I had job tasks claimed, still had a need for more employees, yet there were none hire to claim the jobs. It was a weird situation. I believe this happened on a pre-24.4 save; so I recreated the airport in v25, or the version just before, and I haven’t had issues since.

The save I got from the bug report is not useful because the bug has already happen. if you somehow have the original save and can send it via the website instead, that would be helpful.!default.jspa

Would love to do that, but you only find out after a save and reload and then it has already happened… Please let me know if that is enough, but basically it’s the same as what I have send in today.
I will keep an eye out and not overwrite the save.

Edit: I could also send you the same world (via the website) that I just saved after re-hiring staff again, does that help?

Edit 2: Have filed the save game on the website bug reporter (ACEO-7380) where I hired new personnel, after the save I’ve not re-opened the save game so technically all hired personnel should still be in the save game. Interested if the personnel will still be there if you load it, I will try as well after you have tried it to compare.

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Perfect! This was exactly what I needed to find the bug. Employees will now load correct. We plan to deploy a new version later today. :slight_smile:


Cool!!! Man that was an annoying bug, thanks for finding and fixing! :bowing_man: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :bowing_man:


How many more hours do I have to wait impatienty