Specify Terminals

Hey Guys! I think at the moment it is quite hard to organize your airport when it comes to Staff. My Airport has 2 terminals but my staffmemebers (Security/Airport Staff/ Ramp Agent) always walk between these Terminals which leads to some delays at security or baggage loading.

So I thought it would be nice if we could specify a certain area as a Terminal. This would give us the ability to assign staff members to a specific area (Terminal) of the airport. This would make it easier for the Player to organize his airport. Also you could open or close a entire terminals by the click of a single button instead of having to open or close every single checkin/security/gate/toilets etc… Also this would give us the ability to build a new Terminal next to an old one without it interfering in the operation of the old terminal.

Tell me what you think.


By the way; maybe we could connect objects to a (preferred) staff room; so, stands (with boarding desk), Baggage loaders, check in desks, security passages, cargo scanners, etc.

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