Assign workers to an area in the airport

When you have airport staff doing the check-in desk and the boarding desk, they can sometimes be a long way from those locations when it is time to start checking in or boarding and this can prevent all the passengers from getting on the flight. If you can assign workers to an area, they can stay in the general location of their check-in desk or their boarding desk. You can do this with gate agents as well although they don’t seem to be as much of an issue as the airport staff.


This is already a thing! Assign a staff room to the particular staff in question that is near the location you need them to work. The staff will work there, and then if there is a staff zone path to the job, they will do so!

Not the same thing. You can’t assign specific staff to a specific staff room. You can only assign rooms as allowing staff types. For instance, you can assign a room to allow only ramp agents and airport staff, but you can’t assign specific staff to that room. So, for instance, ramp agents are still free to wander the entire airport because they are not assigned any physical area inside the building.

Also, a staff zone path to a particular job is not likely to help much. Staff zones are meant to restrict the general public from entering the zone. They are not meant to compel staff to use the staff zone.

cphurley74 is asking for the ability to assign a particular staff member to a particular airport area. This would be the only way to force the staff person to move only within that area. Staff rooms and staff zones allow staff but do not force them.

Staff will go for the nearest staff zone. Tasks assignment should since shortly be assigned to nearbyvstaff as well. So it’s not much about assigning them to a room closeby, thet just go there. If they still go for others jobs further away you might not have enough staff.

Why and when would they go to the nearest staff zone? That doesn’t make sense. Staff zones are simply areas that passengers can’t enter. Nothing more. Staff zones don’t have to have tasks inside them. Staff don’t automatically go to a staff zone if they have nothing to do.

Perhaps you meant they will go to the nearest staff room if they have nothing to do? Maybe, but the way they accept tasks is not very intelligent. I just closed the game where a stand had no airport staff to board passengers, even though there was a total surplus of 47 airport staff and there were 12 of them resting in a nearby staff room. Instead, an airport staff member accepted the job from the other side of the airport, spent 10 minutes wandering around, and then another 10 minutes wandering to the stand. Another airport staff in the staff room could have gotten to the job in 15 seconds. This lack of sim intelligence has been a long-standing complaint of Airport CEO, which is why you have people wishing they could assign staff to limited areas of the airport.

I meant staff room yes.

As for why.not you nearest staff select it, what branch are you on?

I want to bring the patrol route in from Rollercoaster tycoon 2, that would be a beneficial system to have for this game.

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I had the same issue with an iteration of my airport. I had created a ‘B’ terminal with all the required facilities, including staff room, but the moronic airport staff kept using the staff room in Terminal ‘A’, and delaying flights. Even vice versa.

I eventually closed Terminal ‘B’ down, and that seems to help, although it’s a task getting airline rep back up after all the cancelled flights.

I only have one terminal in my airport. Pretty sufficiently sized. But the idiot AIs can’t obviously find the boarding desks, check in desks, etc… Assigning staff to specific areas in the airport/terminal would be nice.

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I feel like the system used in prison architecture to assign guards would be better because with a route it would mean they are doing something therefore wouldn’t be free. I like if there was another viewing option (such as where we are able to see the zones) in which we can assign X number of workers in a certain area in the view you would also theoretically be able to see how many workers are:

  • free
  • working
  • in transit
  • (Possibly later on in the game exhausted)

I would rather have zones in which you can set a minimum number of employees per type

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