Assign airport staff to specific areas

Hello, absolutely love the game,

I have a multi terminal setup where it takes a long time for airport staff to go from check in desk to boarding desk which delays flights the odd time.

I would love the ability to assign airport staff to a specific zone.


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Make sure to dedicate a small security checkpoint for employees only, that might solve your problem.

And make staff rooms inside secure area. It seems like they never go home, so if they have a staff room where theyt can take their brake, they will be in secure zone forever :slight_smile:

Task based deployment system may still be needed.

I agree. Especiall when the airport gets bigger.

But until then good placement of staff rooms eliminates delays because of staff not showing up / stuck in security.

May be the system can be designed in this way. Create task → Assign Task → Assign Dedicated Staff Room → Number of Staff needed.

That could be a good idea. Then you also know how big the staff room needs to be to hold the numbers of staff assign to it. Also, there should be some info if they need a office desk or not.

Maybe we can do the same things for the contractor. They may require a office space closed to shop or lounge area.

Why do we need space for contractors though? Just kick them once the job’s done.

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I don’t feel the game shouldn’t allow a very short contract if we want the game to be somewhat more realistic . Office and Metal delivery path should also be needed for the game.

I have always done that but I still see them going in through the regular check points or they are just late or can’t find their way if I select not to let them use the large checkpoint!


My airports’ contractors staff room; always near the drop off stand, then they are near the parsels when I build something. Mostly I have 10 contractors on site for when I change small stuff on airport, just when you build bigger stuff you call them all in.

About the “Assign airport staff to specific areas” > do it as in Roller Coaster tycoon, give staff a predesignated grid you can assign them too with grid blocks of 4*4 of the big blocks for example.

You need to turn off employee access in the normal check points as well.

The problem is either staff needs to walk so many distanced that causes gameplay issues or staff needs to walk between buildings if user build 2 completely separated terminals. So I came with an idea. Assigning staff to specific staff rooms in specific areas. These are 5 pictures of my test airports:

Like how player assign vehicles to specific depots, each employees can be assigned to specific room and each room will be assigned to a workplace (check in desk, boarding desk, info desk, stand, baggage bay, hangar etc…). So that where each employee would work and where they would rest will be known.

For now my idea covers only Ramp agents and Airport staff since they are the key employees of airport. Security employees work just fine and I haven’t seen anybody have problem with them. Also contractors don’t need a room since they can pass and work anywhere.

Janitor, franchise staff, technician also shoud be assigned to specific rooms but their work area will depend on whether staff room is located at Secure area or Non secure area. Basically their work area is limited by secure area coverage.

Basically this is how system would look like:

Color code:
Black: Airport Staff
Green: Ramp Agent
Orange: Secure/Non Secure area coverage
Pink: Staff room

My personal idea is; it will be necessary in future. When people build 3,4,5 terminals or when the distance between terminals are so huge, none of pathfinding algorith would solve the process by time.
Not sure but it may also reduce the path finding load on GPU and RAM since the coverage area of an employee is limited.

I see this topic already exists, so I don’t create a new one. Crazy that nobody brought it up again within the last 3 years. :slight_smile:

If you use a large one-terminal airport layout maybe with a sattelite terminal or long finger-dock, ramp agents and passenger service agents might don’t reach their job site on-time. The boarding desk gets opened far too late.

Staff rooms in areas close to the affected gates are most times not used as staff runs to other jobs at the main terminal area or even the other end of the terminal.

It would be great if we can define how many staff members have to be in staff room x similar to the terminal assignment. When the staff member has no task, he/she will always return to the designated room and prefer to take only jobs close to that whenever possible. (similar to service car parks)

I hope I’m not alone with this wish. :slight_smile:


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