Zonal working system for staff?

Would giving staff particular zones to work in be easier to manage, particularly with a really large airport. Something similar to what you can do in rollercoaster tycoon.

For example, select a group of Airport staff and assign them to a small area so they can stick to a particular set of tasks. Or select ramp agents to ONLY do service rounds etc. I often find that my airport staff are wandering all over the building and it doesn’t seem to be a very efficient system

Maybe this feature already exists and I just haven’t found out how to do it yet…


I was thinking the same because its kind of annoying that i have my airport staff break room set up next to the boardibg desks but someone is coming from the other end of the airport. (One of the main problems i have right now) Another more realistic idea might be to make employee schedules like the flght plan. But that would be extreme micro management and annoying for some people.

Set it up like in Roller Coaster Tycoon with employees, so you can zone an employee to a certain area.

Make the pathing routine(s) better and you probably don’t need zones at all :wink:

Security paths/zones on the other hand they sound good - and true to life. A security guard has his round, for example.

Better yet, passenger pathing constructed like taxiways (but not so rigid) that can dynamically change due to conditions. Security Gate A has 3 minutes wait, whilst Security Gate B has only 1 minute. Suggest to the passengers, via these node pathways which gate they should go to. Use the information screens to “transmit” this information to the passengers - they are just eye-candy atm.

Set up routes that transfer passengers to the correct check-in, boarding, baggage claim - everything associated with their boarding card and landing card - make these dynamic

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