Ramp agents wont load or unload bags

So I have all my connections set I just have no one loading and unloading causing planes to get stuck what can I do to fix the issue or is it just bugged ?

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Having the same issue

And have you turned on Ramp Agents in the operations menu?

I’m also having this issue. Everything is turned on, ramp agents are working the cargo bay, but baggage just sits at the cargo bay and doesn’t go anywhere. Service trucks go over to the planes but don’t unload them.

I actually have ramp agents sitting in the staff room not doing anything, and still planes aren’t being loaded and unloaded. Really odd, definitely seems like it might be a bug.

@GuardingGuards @JoninKDEN @dsdomonick If the ramp agents are not heading down to the stand, the current workaround is to do as follows:

  1. Build a medium door between the terminal and the stand.
  2. Make sure the door is zoned secure.
  3. Reload the game.

Hopefully that should help for the moment, but I know the devs are working on a fix for it.

I’m also having the same issue, I have enough ramp agents and they do the service round at the stand aswell as unloading the plane onto the service truck, but they don’t show up at the baggage bay. I’ve tried the thing with destroying the doors either side but none of them are there to unload and loads the bags at the baggage bay. I also get a notification saying employees can’t each their work zone (or something similar) and it shows that it is the ramp agents.

Make sure it is connected with sidewalks if it is a seperate building

I’m not sure if it’s just the ramp agents though as the security can get to the baggage scanners in the same building

We fixed this issue with v0.21.3. Try update the game and see if that solves the problem.

It doesn’t unfortunately. Service round is finally done (Somehow I got them to do it) but its not loading/unloading luggage. Cart is stuck

Did you see this guide? Maybe something will help.

Hi Fredrik, yes, it’s all set up perfectly. the bagage cart simply won’t leave the stand. I also made that door and secured it. Nothing

Can you do a bug report via the website and include the save? We’ll look at it immediately.

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Thanks, will do

Uploaded the bug report with the save game. Maybe it’s me, but I cannot seem to find the reasons why it’s stuck.

Just wanted to confirm, that they can unload luggage now, however now they are stuck at the Bay Area. So I even created a larger service road around it, and that didn’t work either

Same issue developed for me, midway through a play session this morning. Loading was going fine, then suddenly they load to trucks, but trucks don’t ever leave to load the plane.

We have some baggage stabilizing code on several fronts coming in the next push, perhaps it will solve some of your issues.

Any idea when you expect it to be pushed to steam?