My optimized design

Hi ACEO community,

Here I want to show you my particular design of an airport focused in heavy airplanes traffic.

At main floor you can see all planes support facilities, 38 stands (mainly for big planes), taxiways, the 3 runways (top for arrivals and departures (GA included) and the both side runways only for departure of commercial flights), and the main terminal building.

First floor is managed to be the international flights hub of the airport when they will be released in next update of ACEO with passport checkpoints. Remote stands can get easily isolated for domestic flights at main floor.

Second floor is only for staff rooms, mainly executives and administrators at right side and a janitors staff room at left side.

-1 Floor is the baggage system heart and have some facilities to park service cars and serve as technicians headquarters with almost 40 service car stops to load and unload them.

-2 Floor is a giant scalable public parking for passengers what you can expand easily.

Hope you enyoyed my design! :smiley:


Looks very nice! And definitely and airport that would benefit from several of the changes coming in Alpha 35… :slight_smile:


Thanks @Olof! :smiley: I hope to improve the performance of my staff by assign them to zones! :wink:

Elevators and one-way doors will help me a lot too! :grin:


Elevators and one-way doors will help me a lot too! :grin:

Umm… one-way doors are not coming. I am not fan of breaking people’s spirit but it is better for you to know.

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Are you sure @EG0611 ? :open_mouth:

Yes, but the developers should probably remove that tag as it is causing confusion. @Olof

I am sure. I don’t know why that topic has that title and pinned by @Olof

At some point it was being selected to be implemented but when the devs started to look into the implications they decided to not implement it, think the above was never changed afterwards.

Wow! THis is an amazing and huge airport. It looks like you were able to avoid wing clippings! :wink:

Uploaded to Steam Workshop :slight_smile: