One-way doors between different type of areas

What exactly do you mean by that?

If PAX has a ticket with “depart”, that setting could be used to shield that PAX away from a zoned area that is marked “entree area”.

That would be a possibility. There would be “security zone”, “passport zone”, “luggage zone” and “non-secure zone” which would not be superimposable. Then staff zone/rooms, the bathrooms and the food and franchise rooms would be able to be dragged above the others mentioned above.
Or you simply use a system which allows to connect different zones and one-way waypoints to route your passengers instead of so much zoning.

Update to my previous post:
In most european airports the passenger flow of the arrivals goes something like this:
Gate → (Passport control) → Select connecting flight or baggage claim door → (end of security zone) baggage claim → Customs → Exit
where an arrow (->) represents a one way door.

Doesn’t neccesarily have to be.

Some flights from unsafe countries are subject to a new security check before they are released back to the terminal area. If you connect you don’t need to clear passport control. Only if you enter the country (exit the terminal) or transfer to a shengen (which is entering the shengen zone and there fore subject to passport control).

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It has to be a must. Sooner rather than later. Same as one way stairs etc. Control passanger flow.

They will be implemented again at some point. However the PAX decided to do things as a CEO you’d rather not and they find themselves unable to find a route to their destination hence causing other issues. Once the PAX are a little more intelligent things will be more one way :wink:

Like the man sais, implement it now and you’ll find too many broken builds. It’s announced so it will come eventually and when it does, it will be when the game is ready for it.

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Perhaps another way to do this would to be able to designate bus stops, car stops, etc. as drop-off only or pick-up only. That way you could have passengers dropped off on B1, have them proceed through check-in and security to their gates on the ground level or above. Then, pax could be routed from the gates to the street via secure exits to baggage claim and to pick-up only transport.


This is not exactly the reason I would vote for it.
I need this because the airport I want to build separates arrivals and departures right at the arrival gate to keep things moving. At the moment, a lot of passengers think it’s a good idea to cross queues so that passenger flow is reduced, and some arriving passengers have the great habit of going 3 floors down just to go that bathroom instead of going 2 metres through security exits to find the nearest one…

This is what I really really want! A toggle for bus/taxi/car stops for arrival and departure pick up or drop off! As well as assigned to a terminal as well when the terminal update comes out (so that pax don’t get dropped off oat one terminal and have to walk all the way to the other terminal.


OOO yes thats what I REALY WANT im working on a large airport with like 4 terminals but i dont want pax going to 1 terminal have to go all the way from another terminal because they got off the bus on the other side of the airport

International flights sometimes have secure baggage claims but most domestic have non secure

One-way doors were mentioned in Devblog 135 as being in the pipeline (I think as part of the terminal update but I might be wrong)

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That’s True!:+1:

Not implemented yet, topic unpinned, and feature cannot be found on the Trello board. So I guess the message “This feature request has been selected for implementation!” is not accurate anymore?
As another similar topic was closed without linking to the statement that “one-way will not be implemented”, I tried to search for it and found this. Here, the last statement is that it will be implemented. I guess it’s just not accurate anymore

Let’s wait and see, could still be part of beta x.x

Mentioned here (somewhere at the end of that post) that it won’t come before full release.
Initially it was planned for Alpha 34, but then it caused a lot of pathfinding issues as I’ve read in some other posts about that topic.