No Airline Contracts offered

I encountered the problem, that dispite having a stand set to commercial there a no contracts offered for commercial flights. Did anybody encounter this problem before? Btw it is specific to the one safefile.


I have a different problem but related, I can only take a maximum of 8 contracts at a time and then there are no more offers until one finishes. Was this set up to save fps? Can I change this number somewhere in the .json file, because I can’t find the variable.

What kind of contracts do you have currently? I think the current experimental update has further developed the contracts so more generate now (and from more realistic locations) :slight_smile:

Yeah I think it’s working again, I took too many recurring contracts I think.

Oh, you can have more than eight contracts. I’ve taken every contract I can, currently 34 and I want more…

I’m starting to think contracts offered are based on the number of stands etc.???

Also, yes I think re-acuring contracts take up more room in the contract slots that individual flights??? I don’t know, but feels that way from how I’ve been offered them, though I have capacity and need more…

“I’m starting to think contracts offered are based on the number of stands etc.???”

This, exactly. This is a new airport I was working on for the experimental side, I wanted to see what was going on. I had way more contracts in my major airport, but for this one I only had 5 small stands and I could only take 8 recurring. Now I added 3 large stands and I’m getting tons more, I can have at least 15 recurring + others, so far.

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