More realistic airline&airport contracts

It would be still nice having that airline offers time of flight, frequency, and equipment (depending on route popularity).
CEOs can reject/accept flight like : Air France offers flight :AF8912 which will arrive to your airport at 18:50, refuelling and catering only, stand with jetway, departure at 20:30.
If it’s good for CEO he signs contract if not he declines it and airline offers a couple of other variants, for example CEO refused flight which was offered above, now Air France offers AF8912 at 09:10 with same services which are mentioned above and with departure time of 11:20.
If it’s good he accepts contract and that flight is permanently there unless the route
1.has very bad load they downgrade service for example from 4 times weekly just to 2, If it’s still bad they suspend the flight.
2. Prices of your services will also matter here’s example : Landing rights €$ per passenger, refueling, catering, cleaning, price per baggage if so route if it becomes financially unprofitable and as result airline suspends flight to your airport and leaves a bad rating.
If everything goes well and both sides are satisfied every year or 2 airline and airport has to resign contract (time of arrival may differ by CEO likes.)
Some flight might be set as “Seasonal” like AY1779 from Lyon to Helsinki operated by A319 from 20th December to 20th February
If it shows more interest than previous year airline might set bigger plane on route or add more frequency from 4 to 5 depends on how much flight interest have grown soon even turning flight from seasonal service to full year service. I hope this idea gets implemented as it adds much more realism than there’s right now by scheduling different flights every time they run out. Thank you :slight_smile:

Also smaller prices for services = most likely airline will request them .

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Voted for but next topic you make add paragraphs


You’re right, thanks.

Feature voting is now open! Please vote for this feature :slight_smile: it would make flight planning much more realistic and efficient and also much more challenging for players… :smile:

I like this idea, but I think the seasonal element may be too gradulated for the current game.

A season in the game lasts only a few days, so you would end up with flight contracts lasting as long as they do currently

Well yes, then we need actually an overhaul of days/years systems so we have

DAY/MONTH/YEAR also makes more sense than just 12 days in a year…

EDIT : I think I saw that feature request somewhere on forums long time ago…

13 votes going good. :relaxed: Thank you everyone

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Exactly :joy:

You can always suggest more to here, or let me know if there’s anything I need to fix

Reviving once again :joy:
I’d recommend voting for this feature as it’s one of biggest points in game

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I agree for sure. We need more dynamic airline contracts!

Also there are a couple of very similar topics… Mods can you combine them so that the votes are not lost?


Fixed description for feature request added paragraphs.

Yu could’ve a month ago maybe?

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Maybe, I’m and was busy with some stuff in real life :grin:

Reviving :joy:

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