Airport CEO Alpha 33 released (The Big Bird Update)

Привет! Olof asked if there are any Russians here. I guess to check russian language which was implemented earlier.


Passengers aren’t moving at all for me.

Hmm it appears this update has broken the performance for me, I have 0 pax in my airport and my fps is barely keeping 20fps :frowning: It seems to be really laggy when panning over the checking desks or over trees for some reason! Will make a bug report and send you the codes :slight_smile: ACEO - 20937 :slight_smile:

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I wish shuttle buses wouldn’t always have to leave 30 minutes prior to departure - it always results in the flight being delayed because of how long boarding takes.

I agree with you, I also have same problem of it.

As I’ve written on other places we’re back and have started to look at the posts you’ve made the last few days! We’ve fixed a range of aircraft related issues, including the dreaded aircraft mayhem when you load (i.e. aircraft run each-other over because they don’t remember their place in the queue) but this will not be released as part of Alpha 33 but instead Alpha 34. We’ve also got a final once-and-for-all fix for the secure zone issues some of you’ve still had, also part of Alpha 34.

We’re looking to have Alpha 34 out as soon as possible!


Update: Alpha 34 drops on experimental this Friday.


That’s great news.

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Since A34 is around the corner here’s my idea for further in game… More realistic airline&airport contracts

Any timings for the A34 drop? Been looking forward to Friday.

Wondering that too.

It is still Friday in Europe :slight_smile:


Yo we’re is da update?

They probably meant next Friday

@Fredrik told me this 10 hours ago:

Experimental release is planned for today! :slight_smile:

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They said this Friday 2 days ago just a few comments above.

Alpha 34 is now available on the experimental branch: Airport CEO Alpha 34 released (The R&D Update)


Md11 is here

???, yes, it got here a long time ago