Modded Airplanes

Hey guys. One thing I have been thinking about lately; and I am pretty sure that I’ve seen it discussed somewhere in the past here on the forums, but It would be awesome in the future if we could create our own airplanes.

I’ve been playing around with a few different planes I want to create when (if) this feature is ever implemented. Below is my recreation of an Embraer 120. Let me know what you guys think, the engines would be a beast if I chose to finish; so instead I just took the ATR’s engines they use in game and altered it a bit just to get the idea that there would be a prop there. Now, my proportions are a bit off; I was doing this on Pixlr because I didn’t have Photoshop available to me at the time.

Below was the top down blueprints I went off of:


Aircraft modding will be in the game. Not exactly sure whem, that kind of depends on the choices the community makes after the gui / workshop release



So I guess in the meantime for anyone else who is creating custom airplanes. I hope you all would post your pictures here.


Have nothing to add for what @pderuiter said, so I’ll say this: Nice aircraft! :slight_smile:


Literally the only roadblock I have right now is finding a way to get rid of these animations for the Baron58 (Since I used that .JSON file to use for my custom plane.)


Cool hacking and modelling. Looks great :smiley:

Fredrick did mention about a tool they will be releasing to enable modding though when I asked about modding certain things.

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That would be helpful.

Also I know that my goal in the above post is to get rid of the animations, but being able to insert the animations so that they match my creation would be even better.


I finally was able to use Photoshop and finish my model… of course, now that I blew the image up a bit I see about 5 things I need to change… Let me know what you guys think.

I am ready for this Steam Workshop custom aircraft modding…

And… with a United Express livery…


What is the scale did you use? How you can be sure that model is not too big or too small compare to default airplanes of ACEO?

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Trial & Error.


How about a CRJ900?


I’m taking a wild shot in the dark (pun intended) night lights are an issue?

Also, looks excellent.

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Haven’t had the opportunity to test the night lights yet. But I’m 99% sure it will be weird.


Yep. Its weird. But totally worth it for performance during the day.

I could try to adjust the “SlicePostion” but, if I scoot the fuseloge back however many pixels to line up with the lights, then the wings will be WAY too far forward for the CRJ900 model. Its worth a shot anyhow. I’ll show a picture in a bit to see how it looks.


I was able to move the wings back to a more realistic position for the CRJ900. However, it made it so the jetbridge doesn’t line up well. Looks great otherwise.


Wow, impressive! :smiley: We have actually decided to build a dedicated mod manager where we plan to eventually include aircraft modding. We are discussing the implementation strategy and will be working closely with the mod community. We will talk a bit more about it in the next Devlog but it is nice to see some experiments already now. :slight_smile:


Great news. I am excited for that upcoming tool.


also exited if the full plane modding tool will be available. i will make the game much better! I have some plane mods ready to implement :slight_smile:

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I dare say I would try my hand at it too.

Edit, I tell a lie, I already have to some extent. Engine swapping is the only one I’ve shown. The rest has not been disclosed.


I got the Embraer 120 to look a bit better.


Check out the shadow for the EMB120, LOL. :joy: :joy: :joy: