Modded Airplanes

One last one for today:


Also, I found out how to turn the lights off. This could come in handy for the cargo jets you guys have been working on.

Night shot:

Night takeoff:

Day shot:

Taking the winglets off was a challenge.


:open_mouth: my FedEx plane would love to know those little tricks :star_struck:

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:grin: You’re going to laugh when you realize how easy it is. I just PM’d you.

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Remove a layer?

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Unfortunately you can’t remove the animation layers. It is almost as if the json of certain aircraft types reference their own special animations that are stored somewhere in else where we don’t have access to them.

But, there IS a way to hide that layer.


Good man :slight_smile:

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Well when aircraft modding becomes everything will be fine :slight_smile:

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Yes exactly. Will be nice when that tool comes out.

In the meantime, we’ve got a solid, temporary, workaround for those who choose to play with modding aircraft.

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will you please tell me the trick? would realy like to know :crazy_face:

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Currently trying out a mode and this would be realy nice :slight_smile:


how did you stretch the fuselage to be longer than the one of the baron58. I have tried the same and i can extent the fuselage without missing parst of it.

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You’ll need to resize your slice size to be the same size as your png


McDonnell Douglas MD-88:

Upon researching it. I found it was a bigger plane than I thought.


Length: 147 ft
Width: 11 ft


Length: 155 ft
Width: 12 ft

Here it is next to a B737800:


First 757 and now MD88… Guys medium stand is not big enough for these aircrafts I think they need to get bigger or there has to be a medium-big stand.


Time to blow EG’s mind. It does not work, just a fun exercise to see how it would look. This is the smallest wide body there is FYI which is why I choose it specifically.

At 159ft in length which is just over four foot longer than the 757-200 at 155ft, this is what a 767-200 looks like at the same scale and it only seats 181PAX in this config.


And the 787-800 :exploding_head: Doesn’t even fit on the screen at same scale as the 767-200 and 757-200… she measures 186ft long. Bare in mind a 747-800 is near as darn it 248ft long :open_mouth:

Good fun and food for thought. Wide bodies will be another totally new beast when liveries are being created. That’s what this experiment was all about, how things will change and what we’ll need to think about in the future

I’ll keep them to one side, ready for the day plane modding works.They are more or less technically correct in there shapes. The scale is based of the 757-200 model. @Fredrik hoping my scaling is correct?

Even though it’s not, the 767-200 looks fatter than the 787 and 747 models.

Fun playing with scales and rough ratios though. @Jettuh Reminds me of your when five wide won’t be big enough post… Bottom up, released 737-800, 757-200 and then experimental 767-200, 787-800 and a slighty wrong 747-800.

The bodies have been made to protect the windows from the innocent.


nice to see so many people starting to make mods to implement later on! I have worked on a 737max7 for the past week. With the help of mitchellmiller32 i got this result:

Its the 737600 wings with my 737max7 body atached. As you see is got the lights turned off at night time.
eventualy i want to implemetn my total moddel with wings but havnt got that working yet:


I’ll just leave this here… 767-200. For a wide body, it does not look wrong sitting on the stand either. Still very much a WIP.


Just fits right in… the 767-200 in an actual game I I run.