[Mod] Performance CEO 1.0: The VRAM Fix

Download - UMod Framework (Use if possible)
Download - Google Drive (May be wonky with auto update)

If this is your first time downloading Code Based Mods, please read the instructions below! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Important Notes

The development of this mod has been accelerated to get this mod out as soon as possible to fix issues with mods and Tweaks. This means the quality may be a bit below my usual standards, and there may be more bugs experienced. Multiple patches are planned to come very soon to fix bugs, improve compatibility, and implement other improvements.


Performance CEO is a code-based mod that can significantly increase performance in Airport CEO, especially in modded saves. This can be observed in a considerable decrease in RAM and VRAM usage while in-game. This pretty much removes the RAM/VRAM cost of airline mods, a primary limiting factor in the usage of airline mods and Airport CEO Tweaks at the moment.

Download & Installation

This mod is installed via the UMod Framework. This allows mods to inject code into the game at runtime without modifying or redistributing Apog Lab’s code. UMod Framework can be downloaded HERE . Mac users should follow the workaround instructions HERE (This page contains detailed installation instructions).

You can download this mod quickly from HERE and hit the “Install” button. Mac/Linux users will need to instead use the “Manual Download” option and follow the tutorial on this page (under installing mods for MacOS)


There will most likely be bugs with the mod. This mod may have more than my other mods since it has had an accelerated development and less testing.

Please report any bugs in this thread! I, similar to all other modders, will try my best to fix any bugs that are present, but I have limited time on this project. So fixes may take a while to come, and they may never come for minor issues.

As with all code-based mods, don’t report bugs to developers while the mod is enabled! Make sure the issue occurs when the mod is disabled before reporting, and report with the mod disabled. Make sure to always state if you are using a mod when you ask for help!

Other Information

Compatible with: - ACEO Tweaks (Tested), - ACEO Sticker Fix (Tested), - ACEO Custom Buildables (Tested)
Incompatible with: - Negotiable Turnaround Time and Autoplanner settings (This is a different type of code-based mod)

Source Code

It’ll be available at some point when I get around to it. If you really need it then ask.


… is also not provided at the moment. Sorry!


It is so great! Also with the tweaks aircraft pack, that currently is not affected by decreasing vram sadly, but in development, it will have bigbinpact to the performances and help to avoid memory crashed a lot!
Big big thank you!


everybody go download this right now