[MOD] Negotiable Turnaround Time and Autoplanner Settings1.0-36

This mod will allow you to change turnaround time in flight scheduler, set default turnaround duration based on flight size, allocate more time for remote stands, and set minimum separation between flights for each flight size.

This mod is also released [on the discussion board of Steam].([MOD] Negotiable Turnaround Time and Autoplanner settings :: Airport CEO General Discussions)

For 1.0-36


  • Adjustable turnaround time, by steps of 30 min
    –Minimum duration for turnaround is 30 min, maximum is 12 hours
    –Support both new flight series scheduling and single flight rescheduling

  • Modify default turnaround time for each flight class, and for remote stands
    –Mod default is Small=2h, Medium=4h, Large=6h
    –Mod default for remote stand is Small=2h30min, Medium=4h45min, Large=7h
    –*Compatible with vanilla saves, but you need to save the game with the mod active to change these values

  • Make Autoplanner use different intervals for each flight class
    –Mod default is Small=45min, Medium=1h, Large=1h30min
    –Autoplanner will ignore the min interval slider on the flight allocation page and use mod settings for flight turnaround time instead of vanilla default (3h,4h,5h)
    –Autoplanner may use intervals longer than your designated values, due to internal design of Autoplanning system. I don’t plan to fix it yet since it would be a complete overhaul to that module.

How to use

  • Adjustable turnaround time for manual flight arrangement
  1. Drag and arrange/rearrange a flight first like normal.
  2. When you stop dragging and the flight is placed at a valid slot, it will prompt you with a confirm button.
  3. If you click the button while holding Control key, the turnaround time will be reduced by 30 min .
  4. If you click the button while holding Alt key, the turnaround time will be extended by 30 min .
  5. If you click the button while holding Shift key, the turnaround time will be reset to default (small 3h, medium 4h, large 5h)
  6. If you click confirm while not holding the above 3 key, the flight is confirmed.
  • Modify default turnaround time, remote stand turnaround time and Autoplanner minimum interval
    –If you think the mod default value is ok, you ca ignore the block below.
  1. Load the save you want to play with.
  2. Save the game. Save as new or override are both acceptable, but remember the save name.
  3. Go to C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves
  4. Locate the folder with the save name and open it.
  5. Find “ATCAdditionalSettings.json” and right-click->open with->notepad
  6. In the opened window, you could see each configuration and its value as “configuration_name”:value
  7. Modify the config as you wish. Note that “02:00:00” is hours:minutes:seconds format, seconds value does not affect the game at all, and do not remove quotation marks around it.
  8. Press Ctrl+S to save the file, then load the save game and you will have the changes in effect. If you messed up somehow, just delete “ATCAdditionalSettings.json”, repeat the steps to force the mod to output default settings again for customization.


In the download link there is a .dll file. Use it to replace “{Airport CEO location}\Airport CEO_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll”. The {Airport CEO location} can be opened using “Browse local files” on the game in steam.

If you wish to modify the dll file yourself for any reason, please refer to the steam workshop link for instructions. For general users just use the installation method above.


  • -When returning a flight back to the airline’s pool in scheduler, it won’t reset to default turnaround time. Just look for a large enough vacancy and adjust it back to your desired length.
  • -When adjusting turnaround time, the block will expand/shrink based on the center of that block, and will not detect flight collision unless you drag it again. Just be careful, since I was trying to modify as few codes as possible, I intentionally skipped fixing this issue, sorry XD
  • -If you reschedule a flight and attempt to adjust turnaround time, it will be reset to default turnaround time first, which may cause some problem if you shortened the time and arranged everything very tightly. Same as the previous issue, I skipped fixing this one too, one more to suffer XD
  • -Autoplanner obeys the minimum interval between flights, but does not necessarily stick to that exact interval when planning flights. This means you can set minimum interval as 15min while autoplanned flights still has a 1h spacing. I know it was there in vanilla, and it would need an overhaul to correct that, so no plan to fix it now.


If you have made a backup to the origional Assembly-CSharp.dll, use it to override the modded one. Alternatively, you can use Steam to verify the game’s integrity, which will re-download that file and put things back to vanilla.


Dropbox share


Hey, that sounds so cool! It is first time we have this kind of mod, innit? Nice job mate!

Great to see you back.
What’s has been changed to the previous version you have released in Mar 21?


I assume this affect all flights in that “package”
So if I find a flight that is offered for 5 days. I place the first one, change the time, then all 5 flight will be set to the same time.

And if I want I can then change induvial flight times?

This is just an update to the mod; I’ve been AFK since 1.0-7 and just returned yesterday, so it’s the same in terms of features, although I do have to review the code from the beginning…
I’m goning to play the game again for a while to see if there’s any other things worth moddig into. If you got some ideas please post it here!

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If you schedule a new flight series from the left side pool, the whole series will have the same turnaround time.
If you schedule individual fights from the right side (i.e. they are already scheduled), you only modify that flight for the specific day, just as in vanilla.


The new update brings up some new features such as modifying default turnaround duration based on flight class, allocating more time for remote stands or setting minimum separation between flights for each flight size. For 1.0-36 and compatible with existing saves.
@andyc Have a look at this new update! XD

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Do I need to redownload for the update? Same link if so?

Same link, just download the file again and repeat the installation steps.

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Finally got some time to test the mod out, and I love it! Thanks for that!

I’m not sure about installation. There’s the dll file but there’s also a folder, what do we do with the folder?

You only need the dll file.

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I can’t seem to be able to launch the game with this installed. It will open but nothing will happen, it’s just the blue sky and white cloud background. I’ve tried uninstalling and deleting all the leftover files and then reinstalling ACEO, as I had used the Airport CEO Tweaks mod, but that didn’t change anything.

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That bug has happened before and is not related to the Tweaks mod. I thought it was long ago fixed.

Try doing a search for cloud background and see what comes up with. Shout me if you need more help.

I followed what the help and troubleshooting page said to do, that being deleting the GameSetting.json, and that did nothing. That was all I could find via a google search, searching the forum for “cloud background” didn’t show up with anything. If I get rid of the Assembly-CSharp.dll from this mod and put the vanilla one back in, everything works just fine.

This post was incorrect… I was thinking it was for Tweaks. :expressionless:

Same sadly - I was looking forward to trying this mod hopefully it can be fixed whatever the issue is :slight_smile: I ran the Steam file validator check (in the game properties menu) to repair the file back to original just for info if anyone is having same problem whilst bug is addressed.

hi so this mod keeps crashing airport CEO and based off other forums it also happened during the last update so when is there gonna be a fix for that? you still have not said how to fix it and i cant run airport CEO without this fix

Hi. This mod is not actively being developed at all, and is the same one as the other mod you posted in. An update will not be coming. This is a different type of code based mod making it harder for an update to be put out as well. ACEO Tweaks is a similar mod that you may be using (if you installed UMFramework then you are using that one), for that there is a patch available to download in its topic [Mod] AirportCEOTweaks 2.3.4: Download More Fixes! - #579 by zekew11