Mirroring objects

I wonder if there’s a way we could flip things like a Stand, the Vehicular Security Checkpoint, and the Medium Security Checkpoint.
Maybe on a key or something before it’s placed?
Like you can rotate objects with both period & comma keys.
I propose that mirror object would be / Forward slash.
Might make a few more designs possible.
Gryphon 1-1


I agree with items such as security and vehicle checkpoints, due to where the queues start for security and having to adapt my airport to fit in a vehicle checkpoint in the past.

Though I do not think that medium stands should have the option to be flipped, as traditionally and at least every plane I have been on, you board from the left hand side of the plane.

YES! I want it for the small check-in desks!

There is a feature request for this from @Rubble

And another request from @CZBM


OMG yes, I forgot about the benefit to baggage systems too! Would save a lot of time!


This operation is easy to implement for a small set of small objects but a lot more difficult for larger items. Items like security will see an overhaul in the not too distant future too so that’s something to take into account. I agree that there are a large set of benefits but its more complex to implement than you might think, we will need to think about how to actually do it from a systems perspective.


Any update on that (security-wise, mostly)?

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If I remember correctly that security overhaul comment was in relation to the UI aspect specifically, i.e. zone improvements, the zone panels indicating object enumeration and stuff like that (which was implemented), and not specifically how security works. That system is set in stone now.

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