Copy & Paste Tips or Tricks

I just learned of the ‘Hold Down Shift to select multiple like items and adjust their settings’ - It is a god-send for tedious design and operations work.

My question is this: I spend a lot of time detailing my airport, specifically the gate area.

Is there anything in the game that allows you to copy the floor tile layout that I have built for the gate area so I can apply that to all 0 gates? It is VERY tedious work to do the floor tile work at each of them.

Also- Any other tips or tricks for copy, paste or duplicate? I wish there were a "mirror’ tool that would allow you to copy and then mirror that selection…

Finally, There is no undo for the floor tiles? Or hold control removing the tile you just laid in the wrong position?

Appreciate the help as always…

You have to select the old floor tile from the menu and draw it over the wrong one… No undo…

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