Flip current in-game assets

Feature request title:

Flip game items horizontally or vertically. Think vehicle check point, all baggage scanners etc.


Several of the in-game assets, think Vehicle Check-Point, ALL of the baggage equipment etc. to be able to flip them around either vertically or horizontally.

Why it should be implemented:

This is not the same as rotating items. Being able to flip them would provide a lot more usability when creating layouts, especially on the Baggage Items.

Images, references or additional content:


So you want to have them mirrored?
While this would work for some objects, it might require a bit of additional artwork since some models have text or icons, they probably dont look cool mirrored :smiley:



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Yes I appreciate the graphics and any text will have to be changed, but the functionality would be wonderful.

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Upping this one! Having to find creative solution to place objects that in real-life could easily be flipped is incredibly frustrating and space-consuming!

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