International Zoning Question

Hey all,

New airport CEO here… I got through the whole tutorial with little issue. I decided to clean up my international terminal’s customs area and now I can’t get departing passengers through the customs zone. I have a secure zone butted up to an international zone with the proper security checkpoints and passport checkpoints in between. My international zone states that I have 1 entrance and 8 exits. What am I missing? My arrivals (exit) seems to be working as intended (see left side).

Paint the door as an international area, see if it resolves.

So I do see 1 entrance and 8 exits. What’s the issue? If your entrance checkpoint is not working, maybe try moving it down a bit so it crosses the zones more “properly”? Just remember to paint the international zone again at the area of your original checkpoint. The international zone at the space occupied by the checkpoint gets removed when you remove it but still displayed there. Or just try cover the desk part of it with international zone.

Thanks for the quick reply guys!

I painted the door as an international area, no luck there.

I also moved around the passport checkpoint to see if it’s position in/out of the international zone made a difference. The departing passengers still won’t cross through that security zone into the international zone.

Wait, so you only have international flights or there’re also domestic flights?
If the international zone and the “domestic” zone use a shared secured zone, i.e. their secured zones are connected somehow they will be considered the same secured zone. Passengers will simply choose any security checkpoint to enter the secured zone and then they can’t find their path to the international zone. If my guess is right there’re passengers somewhere else in the terminal can’t find their paths.
BTW, would you share a screenshot of the whole terminal layout so that we can take a look?

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This whole terminal is international, no domestic. People are really only stuck in the main lobby (not going through security).

Maybe get a larger security gate instead of the small one. I don’t know, just saying.

This is weird… first idea, a stupid one:
Is the security activated for passengers (might be set to staff only). I admit it’s a pretty stupid question. :face_with_monocle:

Second idea (sort of):
You have one security exit in the room of the international entrance (the right most exit), but it’s impossible to reach from international zone (I know it makes sense if someone forgot their passport they can leave this area, but), maybe (a BIG maybe) this causes the game trouble, dunno. :upside_down_face:

It’s odd, in my opinion the setup I see in the screenshot should work… have you checked the Flight Monitor to see if the passengers for the waiting international flights are “checked in”?

Would you mind making your saved game available here?

Wow thanks for all the quick responses everyone… seems like we have found something weird here…

Sepone, good idea, the security checkpoint is set to passengers & staff… even tried turning off staff.

I tried a medium security checkpoint (large wouldn’t fit) and that didn’t seem to fix the issue either.

I removed the security exit from the international entrance as Sepone suggested. Again, no luck.

According to my flight monitor none of the large stands are stuck in “boarding”.

I play Airport CEO through Steam. I found the local files for the game, but no saved files. Where would they be located?

Much appreciated everyone!

My tutorial :smile::

Just for the basics!

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I took a look at your tutorial humoresque before posting! Appreciate you putting a tutorial together for the community. I couldn’t really tell what the difference between your fourth picture and my situation is.

I did some poking around and found where my saved game is stored. Let me know if the link below doesn’t work. The terminal in question is on the right side of the map… no judging it’s one of my first airports :slight_smile:

Save location (it’s from german Windows 10, but should be quite similar to everyone elses):
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO
[EDIT] Nevermind, you’ve been quicker… :crazy_face:

I am checking out your airport

I had to click the download link twice, but then it worked. Let’s see if your save works for me… :face_with_monocle:

The pathfinding says it should work:

Passengers seem to be unable to get through security


hmm a bit concerning…

How do you view the paths? Or in this case a passengers desired/predicted path?

Use to magnifiying glass tool next to the template one

I am testing on my own save. Edit: on a save without international zones it worked fine

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Issue has been found!

You have two separate secure zones without terminal zoning! If you connect the two secure zones all new passengers will be fine. People were entering at the wrong checkpoint in the other terminal building and had no way to cross



I found another issue. Flight Monitor says your passengers haven’t checked in yet. The Check-in Desks are not connected to the Baggage Bay! When they’re connected passenger start to enter the international zone. Voila! :laughing:
[EDIT]: As a reminder, the “Flight Monitor” can be found in the bottom left of the screen, next to the Flight Planner. Locate the appropriate stands/flights to get more detailed information, it sometimes helps to isolate/locate a problem. :nerd_face: