If a Passenger's Bag is on an Aircraft and the Passenger Is Not, hold the flight

As the title says If a Passenger’s Bag is on an Aircraft and the passenger is not will the flight be held at gate for searching through bags to remove them from flight possibly delaying aircraft and holding up arriving flights for gates. Also making it an Infrastructure Hell!

This is an interesting concept. I believe it’s happened before! Can’t wait to see the responses to this!

This could be a special event as discussed elsewhere. I hope its not something that happens too often, that would become annoying

It happens all the bloody time IRL…


Lol, but they wouldnt inform the airport CEO of each and everyone.

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I feel like IF it delayed the flight ENOUGH, then it should be brought to the CEOs attention, as it could possibly be the result of airport design or some other issues. If it doesn’t delay the flight at all, then it shouldn’t be mentioned.

Yes if it comes to that then they should have the airport CEOs attention. But isn’t it the gate supervisors call if the aircraft should be delayed and wait for the passenger or to find the bag and get it off the aircraft and deny the passenger from boarding and not the airport CEOs?

Yes, but ultimately it would be a result of airport operations somehow. If the Gate Agent were to do that, then the CEO needs to be notified, as the airline would not be happy. Iunno, just a thought.

Working at an airportbas a ramp agent, I can confirm this happens way too often to be fun.

Depending on the airline, different policies are in place that allow for the flights to either leave on time (as the gate closes early enough prior scheduled departure plus thr airlinr pays for baggage tracking) as one end of thr spectrum, or the airline wants to wait until the pax (usually) shows and doesn’t use baggage tracking as the other extreme.
Whether this is of any real relevance to an airport CEO is indeed the reason for not showing. At the airport I work at, during the noon rush, literally all aircrafts to non-schengen destinations departing from terminal 1 are being delayed because there are way too few security controls and border control checkpoints available.

They wouldn’t necessarily notify the CEO, but the delays would add up and if the CEO stood in the window and watched they’d notice a delayed plane. So, it would be nice if the necessary game logic was in place and it happened visually and maybe screwed a few timings up but you can’t really intervene effectively.
Maybe at the end of a month you get a report with the amount of delay that had accumulated that month.

What airport do you work at?

I could see it being an event, either triggered random or because of high utilisation levels or some such thing, signalling you need to upgrade / expand your infrastructure and/or staff training

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I think this perfectly highlights one of the more difficult aspects of ACEO in terms of agent simulation. As you know, since every object has a purpose, every object will have to try and make its flight. If you build a shitty conveyor belt system you’ll end up with a lot of delayed flights, if you build too few security check-points you’ll end up with a lot of angry passengers and a lot of delayed flights.

Should the CEO be notified about a flight that is delayed five minutes or if one passenger is angry? No, sounds annoying, but indeed perhaps if the flight is 30 minutes late or if a cluster of passengers are angry. A very delayed flight will translate into an incident and when incidents occur the CEO should have some possibility of taking action and resolving that incident. The CEO in Airport CEO doesn’t really mean that it’ll be a CEO simulator, but more that “you are the boss of the airport”. Thus, the player builds and operates all facilities which means that delays must be notified when they reach critical thresholds.

As for an exact answer to this question: Yes. A baggage train will not leave the baggage bay until all bags have been accounted for.


So then technically, if one passenger’s bag isn’t on that train, then the whole flight could lose their bag or be delayed?

Yes, for now, but of course this is not sustainable from a gameplay perspective. We’ll likely implement some kind of time tracking feature for events like this, so that for missing bags it’ll only wait 15 minutes or so if it’s not showing up, and then carry on without it.

Does anyone have any business insight into this matter?

That’s actually an interesting concept.

I know often bags end up on the wrong flight, and most of the time ( correct me if I’m wrong ) they get sent out on the next available flight if they have simply missed the plane. I think however, it would be a good challenge having it the way it is NOW, so it can give us a little bit of a challenge.

Isn’t the thread more about missing passengers than missing bags?

You seem to be answering the situation as if the bag is delayed onto the flight rather than the passenger.

It’s more often the case that the bag is on the flight but the passenger is an idiot and still in the shops that causes the bags to have to be offloaded for security reasons. A plane is not allowed to depart without the owner of the bag on the plane to prevent incidents similar to that of the Lockerbie bombing.

Is this also going to be considered?

Ok, some insights from a German airport (so it might be different in other countries)

for security reasons, luggage may only be on a flight if the owner of said luggage is as well. So if a passenger doesn’t show, the luggage must be off-loaded again. I mentioned that in an earlier post.

if the luggage doesn’t make the flight the passenger is on, it gets expensive for the airline. This luggage needs to be checked and will be send either on a later flight with the same airline or with another airline. The airline then has to pay compensation to the passenger (not relevant to ACEO) and, if shipped with another airline, quite a high fee to that airline. Luggage shipped on a later flight and without the owner is referred to as “rush luggage” or “expedite luggage”.

Now, luggage usually doesn’t make the flight for one of several reasons, e.g. the baggage tag might have been ripped off, the bag simply fell of the baggage band, the baggage train, it needed additional checking at a security check point or had to be brought back in after being on position for additional checks (u would be surprised how often “appliances that start vibrating” cause bag not to be loaded), or because of a screw-up of the gate/check-in agent particularly with transfer pax and their luggage, and sometimes, it simply is the lack of staff that prevents luggage to make it to the aircraft on time.

Now, with many of those scenarios, simply by waiting long enough, u could get all the luggage to the aircraft, however, since it is usually more expensive to delay an aircraft than to send rush luggage, the flight will leave without the luggage. Airlines have policies as to when the cargo holds of the aircraft are to be closed. With some airlines, those rules are very strict and it doesn’t even matter if the pilots wants to wait for the luggage. Officially, only flow control or operation control of said airline can decide to delay a flight for missing luggage. However, in practice, if only one or two pieces are missing, the flight will depart without consulting them (might actually be, that it was luggage checked in to the system but never actually handed over, like a trolley labelled at the gate that was supposed to be left at the aircraft door but was then taken into the cabin or if the airline isn’t paying and the loaders had to count the number of pieces and simply missed one or two). if a lot of luggage is missing (usually due to technical problems in baggage processing), depending on the airline, either the pilot makes the call to wait for abit or flow control does. Personally, I only had that once in the last year and that was a decision made by the pilot, as it was more than 40 pieces. I also had the exact opposite, where we left some 30 pieces behind and send them with the next flight of the same airline 2 hours later.

If luggage is left behind for whatever reason, (at least with the airlines my company handles) the bags will be send to lost and found where the final destination of the passenger and whether he/she is actually on his/her flights there will be checked. then, the rush luggage will be booked onto a flight (or a combination thereof) to that destination. this luggage must be registered or it will not be loaded onto the next flight (as the above rule still applies: no luggage without it’s owner - unless specifily cleared). What the background process are to decide what flight or airline it will be on, I do not know.

However, as bigbigcheese pointed out correctly, delays are way more likely to be caused by stupid passengers (and the related baggage off-load) then by missing bags.


So I can tell you how we do it at my home base. So if a passenger doesn’t show up at the gate and he has checked in bags we start to look for the bags 15 min before STD. When the bag has been found we offload the pax and the bag. If a bag doesn’t show up because of any irregularities we won’t wait for the bag to keep the flight on time. The missing bag will be send as “rush” bag on the next available flight.

I’ve had an experience with that before. With a 45min layover in Paris(CDG) I was running from terminal to terminal. Luckily I made it but apparently my bags didn’t. This actually gives me an idea of different passengers moving at different speeds. Back me up if this idea is interesting.

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