Governmental agents in airports: Customs, Federal agents and police

I cannot speak for every country in the world, but usually the job of apprehending criminals and terrorists trying to enter/leave the country by plane and hampering trafficking of illicit goods falls into the hands of the police.

What about the necessity to allocate rooms in your airports for federal agents and the police in relation to your airport size? Like "You cannot have commercial flights without having the police or customs at your airport. Government could demand “Build X m^2 of office space with Y desks, Z holding cells” like you do when having shop contracts. The mechanism is already in the game. Those people would not cost you money and help out at security stations (maybe reserve a spot for officials while the other jobs can be done by airport security). Demand will grow with airport size,

Let police mingle with the passengers apprehending shoplifters, fugitive criminals or search for drugs (with dogs). Summary: without police/customs present no medium to large flights can be done and contracts procured as government will not grant the status of international airport.


Yes guy, I agree!!! The police role in a airport is very important!!!

Custom agents are necessary to passenger take international flights! Also is good have police works in baggage bay like in the scanners instead security, it would be more realistic and less expensive in terms of salaries! It would be a great feature in the game!

Also people handle baggage with drugs, weapons, explosives and money must be called to a interview (investigation by cops). They would decide if people called can continue the trip or if they go to jail. What do you think @DocDesastro ?

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Please add some paragraphing to your text ;).

I definitely agree that the status of an airport as an international airport should not be granted without the necessary government border/custom control officials. However, I don’t think the algorithms and route generation is sophisticated enough yet to deal with that.

This sort of has already been covered in multiple topics about emergency services and customs. I’ve put them below for your interest :slight_smile:


It’s right game isn’t ready for events yet. But i disagree it’s bot ready to custom/border control! Once I don’t see to much difficult in this implementation. The implementation would follow the steps below:

  1. You would assign international areas in your airport (kind a security area). This area must be in a separate area from domestic flight like by a wall. All stands in this area would not be able to book national flights.

  2. The flight destinations in contract just generate cities abroad your country just if you have this area designate.

  3. Baggage claim would be in a separate area too designated as international area.

Thank you for sharing the topics :slight_smile:!!!

This sounds like an interim solution. Gameplay-wise, this would not add anything but force you to build the security/safe zone twice.

I agree however, that flights should be divided into national flights and international flights. For the latter you will need customs because people crossing national borders are the responsibility of governmental officials. I am not quite sure for them entering the game in current state as new functionalities are hard to introduce. In the current state they are just a second flavor of security personel - and we have that already. They should do sth new.

Also, they should come with ability to build duty-free shops not available for national passengers. Those two would go together quite nice.

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I’m just not entirely sure the route generation algorithm actually recognises the difference though at the moment. Given the routes that turn up are often weird and unrealistic I’m inclined to say that it needs a little more work first.

But that sounds like a good implementation of the concept.


Maybe you are right guy!

I think more AI must more advanced development to support this kind of feature! But I think it isn’t too far to achieve this level!

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