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This has been vaguely discussed elsewhere, but forgive me if it already has its own thread.:slight_smile: Since emergencies and events have been discussed, I would like to know if you hire airport police/firefighter/medical services, or they just come, or if they are even in the game! :slight_smile: An emergency such as a crash would require medical attention, from firefighters, ambulances, etc. I believe this has not been implemented, and it does not need to be in the first release, however, I do want to be able to hire the right people for the job, just like hiring people for the TSA that enjoy intrusive pat-downs. Hmm, I do want this, where do I find police that enjoy dragging people off United flights! :wink:

Edit: Going to give examples, I forget what the employee skill bar looks like, I will just guess it is 1-100 scale. Say hiring a policeman that is very slow, a 15 on a scale of 1-100, will let more criminals get away, but if he gets an 92 on a smartness scale will have a good strategy for catching the criminal. A medic with experience at CPR will help revive people who are unconscious, but one that is very weak will have a hard time pushing a person on a gurney. These skills will decide who to hire, and also help you make good decisions on police, because you really need ones ready to drag people off planes! :wink: Damn, got the United incident stuck in my head :rage:


As of now it is fair to say that we will not have time to fully add emergency services such as police/firefighter/medical before the pre-alpha. That would delay the release, which I don’t think the community want. So you are going to have to live without them, at least the first period. Also we have not exactly 100 % decided on how it will be added so ideas are definitely welcome on a general level.


I think it would be mostly about air side firefighters

  • You could put someone in charge of the department to reduce any micro management of course
  • Hiring men based on the fitness skill, making any employee move faster. (And it’s a general enough skill that it can be applied to all personnel)
  • You could let the player schedule training drills, to help decrease response times. This could be done i.e. by allowing the player to place a mock aircraft that they use to train.
  • Send the men on training to increase fire dousing efficiency (on top of any efficiency you get from better equipment)
  • the air side medical / land side medical / police / fire services would be on a per case basis, for a fee.
  • You could allow the player to put down a fire / police / medical post to decrease response times.
  • You could allow the player to have their own airport security. Security guards, hired on the fitness and attention to detail skills, to be able to deter i.e. pickpockets and shoplifters.

Ok, I guess 4B54 is correct, it would probably be a division of city police anyway. Still, it should be implemented somewhere in the development process. :slight_smile:

Why we are pushing ourselves? I have an easier option on my head:

For firefighting there could be 2 divisions.

  1. In terminal. Like a CEO room, a room in terminal building can be arranged for firefighters. 2 firefighters will keep watching and that’s all. Maybe they can walk around terminal with red clothes but their mission is just being there.
  2. In apron. Like ATC tower, a firefight building can be placed near apron road. It will have a firefight truck rolling around apron and that’s all. It is all eye candy.

Same for police and medic. Their only and only purpose is being eye-candy and making players to say “Look I have fully functional airport with its fire department, police and medic”.


My dad used to be an airport fireman, and he said that for an airport to be operative (in the UK at least), the airfield needs to have adequate fire cover. Which could pose interesting challenges later down the line whereby you can only have x amounts of planes landing with y number of fire engines, posing a need to employ more staff

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Don’t they also have a maximum response time?

I believe so, I think my dad said it was like 4 mins but not too sure

Dubai International airport has a response time of 2min…for ALL their medical/emergency services

Which means you may need more than 1 fire station in a large airport

About times: In Frankfurt (FRA) max 180 seconds after call, according ICAO Standards. For the new north-west runway only 120 seconds.
In Frankfurt they have actually 4 stations

Thats already pretty accurate, please allow me to go a bit deeper :slight_smile:

ICAO Requirement (Annex 14, Chapter 9 and partially Airport Services Manual Part 7):

  • Depending on the airport fire fighting category (1 through 10 as per ICAO standards), the airport fire department has to have a specific values of fire extinguishing agent(s) available. For example, a category 10 airport like Frankfurt (Category 10 = in short: can handle A380 and 747-8), the values below have to be fulfilled.

  • How is the airport category calculated? See below:

  • In general, the response times are equal everywhere. The fire department has to reach any aircraft movement area within three minutes, while two minutes are recommended with 50% of their required discharde rate. Why? The aircraft fuselage is mostly made of aluminum, therefore a fuel spill fire can burn through the aircraft skin (fuselage) quite easy within two - three minutes. As a result, the initial fire truck will be protecting mostly the fuselage and the other vehicles will try to sweep the fire away from the aircraft itself, creating a rescue path.

  • As many of you guys already implied, at airside the fire department has different objectives than units protecting buildings and highways. However, at many (if not all) airports, the airport fire department is responsible for structural fire fighting (protecting buildings in general), motorways in close proximity of the airport as well as airside ops. As you have noted further up, the airport category will decrease if you have to reduce your available extinguishing agent capacity in case you have to respond to a structural fire. That is why you see a LOT of fire trucks on airports :slight_smile:

If you require additional information, please let me know and I will try to get things clarified!

EDIT: @pderuiter - To clarify your question, you may need to have more than one fire station in order to meet the response times. There is also a specification section for that in the above mentioned document.


Speaking of emergency response, would you have the option to build fire services, police stations and emergency hospitals at the airport, or you would have to rely on the government to provide those services?

I know that most airports have their own fire services but I do not know about police or emergency medical services. What do you think?

I hope we can build the fire station, etc…


Hi guys, this is mostly likely going to be a future feature post first release. It has been mentioned a lot and is popular. Will have to introduce incidents first to make them useful!


Here is a thread for you :wink:

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I agree, It would only delay the release. From what i have played. I don’t see how it would fit into the game. I mean plane crashes mainly onto the run way. or maybe a hostage situation. but that isn’t for a airport ceo to handle that’s emergency services to handle. which is a different game all together.

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