Glasgow International

Airport Name: Glasgow International

Runways: 2
Medium Stands: 49
Check-in Desks 98
Security Checkpoints: 32
Baggage Bays: 24

Hello everybody! I am trying to build a big airport with multi floors. My goal is to slowly expand and open little by little more stands to better understand the mechanics of the game and check what are the bottlenecks that cause delays.

Currently I have open 22 stands and already increase the number of security checkpoint from 18 to 32.

Here are my progress so far

Overview of the departure area on the ground floor

Detail of the check-in area

Ticket area, with info desks, a few shops and plenty of plants!

Board members offices

Ground floor of the security area (there are queues but the game doesn’t display them with this level of zoom), you can see the main security control room in the top right (with reinforced walls)

The big duty free on the first floor after security

The partially built first left wing with 11 gates. There is a staff room in the middle for passenger service agents only. Each gate has an escalator used by arriving passengers that will follow a path to reach the baggage claim area. Unfortunately without one way doors this cannot be fully working as intended.

Increased distance between runway and taxiway, I also made the pushback point longer to increase realism. Even though collision between planes and between planes and service vehicles happens all the time!

That’s it for now, if you are interested in Glasgow International, I can share more.

Enjoy your flights!


Very nice design. The C level I might steal ideas from too. :slight_smile:


I really like the gate numbers on the floor. All those fine details I’d never come up with myself…

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Kinda let down that it isn’t the actual Glasgow Airport in Scotland as stated in the title, but the airport you have built is still really amazing.

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It would depend whether it was prestwick in the actual one :face_with_monocle:
Or maybe just his version of it.

Prestwick is a lot smaller than Glasgow, used more for Cargo.

Looking good. I will steal your idea on the gate-numbering on the floor.

Yeah but still Ryanair does go there

ooooohhhhh, security control room!! I LIKE! I never thought about adding that! Great idea, gonna start adding that to my airports! didn’t think the security would sit at the desks but looks like they do!

I like to put a room behind security with windows looking out across the stations like it is a two way mirror room

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Thank you guys! Your words are inspiring me of keep on developing the airport. I think I will wait for the big birds to come out and see how it will affect the layout of the airport. I’m already preparing for the worst :slight_smile:
I have added more security checkpoint, in addition to the ground floor, they are also on the first and second floor.
I am also increasing the boarding gates to two (medium) per each stand, I think one is simply not enough although the staff always being late to their job positions is definitely the main reason of the delays.

@DoughBallDude and @wingmandude: I am sorry guys, the name doesn’t actually refer to the layout of Glasgow airport or Prestwich, I named like that because of my love for Scotland (and my wife is Scottish :slight_smile: )

@Luctor: I saw that you did. Nice start on Albuquerque International Sunport!! I like it!

@twocflyer Thank you! Yes they do actually sit, just be sure to have an over plus of security staff.

@Stu: That’s actually a great idea! I wanted also to do an inspection room and re create the after security area where passengers usually gather their belonging before moving on. The first one, I just didn’t enough space to do it, unless I would make it even creepier and build it in the -1 level :slight_smile: The second one I tried to do it, but I think the result is poor, I’ll just wait for more decoration items in the game to detailed it better.

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Thanks. In my head I already planned that I will be construct a separate terminal building for the big birds alone (or maybe some medium ones).

No worries! I still love the airport you have made. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mind if I use some ideas for my airport mate? Airport: Melbourne Apoapsis International Airport (MAX)

@Blackout Absolutely! No problem!

Thank you! Deeply appreciate it. :slight_smile: