Melbourne Apoapsis International Airport (MAX)

Hello everyone! I will soon be releasing photos of this airport after Alpha 35 is released. I hope you understand.


How did your Devblog airport turn out?

Lets just say there was some issues. :wink:

Security and planned immigration are coming along smoothly. Photos coming soon!

UPDATE: Photos will be held back as @Olof has said Alpha 35 is," Coming soon on experimental Branch."

UPDATE: Finished Budget Airline Terminal. What default airlines would you consider Budget Airlines? I will add them to the stands.

I think OK Air would be a “budget airline.” I mean it’s name is “OK” Air, right?

Welcome to the forum @Teslagolf! Yes, I agree with you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: You are not new to this forum, just checked. It just says this is the first time you have posted.

Did you know OK Air was originaly named UK Air? That is why, I am assuming this, it is red, white, and blue.

That actually makes a lot of sense.

Sorry everyone. Save was lost while switching over to experimental.

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OK is also Olof’s initial.

I’m creating a new airport for Perth, WA, in the design of Madrid Barajas Terminal 4/4S. Good to have some domestic competition :wink:

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Sorry @awtkn. This airport ended up in Berlin… and we all know what happens to them.
Cough Cough Why Berlin's 15 Year-Old Airport has Never Had a Flight - YouTube. Fire system was not working. Since the game doesn’t have fire watchers, we have to delay until 3058. :slight_smile: :frowning: :fire: :fire_engine: