Game-Changing Mods

Note: I am no professional coder or programmer, nor have I ever worked on a game. I am just a person who sees an opportunity for this game and wants to share it.

I also play Cities Skylines a lot, and I find it interesting how different games handle the modding community. ACEO for instance only has modding support for new contracts, which I find a downside to this well-executed game. I would love to see support for game-changing mods.

What I mean by game-changing mods: mods that implement new features, assets and mechanics. These mods could get rid of minor irritating things like the slow security post, but could also add new features like more options for the auto planner.

Ups from this idea:

  • A more active community.
  • Freedom of implementing your own features without suggesting it as an idea.
  • Less work for the developers as more people would work on their on mod instead of suggesting an idea.
  • Personalizing the game; Get the features you like, leave those who you don’t like. You could make the game more silly by subscribing to silly mods or do exactly the opposite.
  • Realism: most of the ideas I see here are about adding more realism to the game.

Downs from this idea:

  • Probably one of the hardest things to give support for, as you have to release the game code or something (I am no programmer or coder, as mentioned above)
  • If there would be no ‘‘test panel’’ for the mods, there would be a lot of ‘‘spam’’ mods (mods that don’t work)
  • Loads of mods = a more computer heavy game (to my experience).

That was my idea, if it is impossible, leave a reply (developer) and I will delete this post. If you have something else to say, also leave a reply!

Keep on Gaming, Suggesting and Helping, Tom.


I see the point and in some terms agree. I think however that this is a thing that should be done when the game is out of Alpha state. I think these kinds of features are only possible with a stable code. I did some programming myself (Transportfever) and if the code is still changing allot on the standard in game support it will be very hard to make stable code mods that will keep working. So for now i think this will not be a good idea but for the future maybe yes :slight_smile:


I totally agree, but as @Beumer says the game needs to be stable first. In the feature requests there are already a couple of similar posts for extra items and modding aircrafts. If you want this to be voted for and see what the community things, please add it to the feature voting or maybe collaborate with one of the other posters.

Keep the good ideas coming! :wink:


Seems fair to me, and I’m not in any kind of hurry haha. I would just love it to be implemented after alpha!

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You might want to read some of the posts by Catcher Ben. They are quite lengthy but do go into quite a lot of details about modding the game.

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you did miss one point to this, if the devs like the mod they can simply take it and incorporate it (like space engineers has). thus could speed up development

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