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Aircraft Modding


We can currently mod liveries then why we can’t mod airplanes?

Why it should be implemented:

Look at this list from AirportCEO Mod Manager. Who wouldn’t want such diversity in their airport (List doesn’t cover wide body and Jumbo aircrafts)

Aero Commander Commander 500S Light Utility
Aero Commander Commander 690C Light Utility
Antonov AN-24 Light Utility
Antonov AN-28 Light Utility
British Aerospace ATP Light Utility
Cessna Cessna 172P Light Utility
Cessna Cessna 180 Light Utility
Cessna Cessna 182 Skylane CESSNA182 Light Utility
Cessna Cessna 206 Skywagon Light Utility
Cessna Cessna 208 Caravan CESSNA208 Light Utility
Cessna Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Light Utility
Cessna Cessna 402 Light Utility
Cessna Cessna 441 Light Utility
de Havilland Canada Dash 7 Light Utility
de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Light Utility
de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter Light Utility
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter DHC6 Light Utility
Helio Helio Courier Light Utility
Pilatus PC-12 Light Utility
Pilatus PC-6 Porter Light Utility
Piper PA-28-181 Archer Light Utility
Piper PA-31 Navajo Light Utility
Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain Light Utility
Piper PA-32R Saratoga Light Utility
Piper PA-34 Seneca Light Utility
Quest Quest Kodiak Light Utility
Short Shorts 360 Light Utility
Xian Xian MA60 Light Utility
Airbus A318-100 Narrow-body
Airbus A319-100 Narrow-body
Airbus A319-100LR Narrow-body
Airbus A319neo Narrow-body
Airbus A320-200 A320 Narrow-body
Airbus A320neo Narrow-body
Airbus A321-100 Narrow-body
Airbus A321-200 Narrow-body
Airbus A321neo Narrow-body
Airbus A321neoLR Narrow-body
Boeing 717-200 Narrow-body
Boeing 727-200 Narrow-body
Boeing 727-200F Narrow-body
Boeing 737 MAX 10 Narrow-body
Boeing 737 MAX 7 Narrow-body
Boeing 737 MAX 8 Narrow-body
Boeing 737 MAX 9 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-100 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-200 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-300 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-300F Narrow-body
Boeing 737-400 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-400F Narrow-body
Boeing 737-500 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-600 B737600 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-700 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-700F Narrow-body
Boeing 737-800 B737800 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-900 Narrow-body
Boeing 737-900ER Narrow-body
Boeing 757-200 Narrow-body
Boeing 757-200F Narrow-body
Boeing 757-300 Narrow-body
Embraer EMB 170 Narrow-body
Embraer EMB 175 Narrow-body
Embraer EMB 175-E2 Narrow-body
Embraer EMB 190 Narrow-body
Embraer EMB 190-E2 Narrow-body
Embraer EMB 195 Narrow-body
Embraer EMB 195-E2 Narrow-body
Irkut MC-21-200 Narrow-body
Irkut MC-21-300 Narrow-body
McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Narrow-body
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Narrow-body
McDonnell Douglas MD-81 Narrow-body
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Narrow-body
McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Narrow-body
McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Narrow-body
McDonnell Douglas MD-90 Narrow-body
Tupolev TU-134B Narrow-body
Tupolev TU-154B Narrow-body
Tupolev TU-204-100 Narrow-body
Tupolev TU-204-100C Narrow-body
Antonov AN-12BK Regional
Antonov AN-158 Regional
ATR ATR 42-300 ATR42 Regional
ATR ATR 42-300F Regional
ATR ATR 42-400 Regional
ATR ATR 42-500 Regional
ATR ATR 42-600 Regional
ATR ATR 72-200 Regional
ATR ATR 72-200F Regional
ATR ATR 72-500 Regional
ATR ATR 72-600 ATR72 Regional
Beechcraft Beech 1900C Regional
Beechcraft Beech 1900D Regional
Beechcraft Beech 36 Bonanza Regional
Beechcraft Beech 99 Airliner Regional
Beechcraft Beech Baron 58 BARON58 Regional
Beechcraft Beech King air Regional
Beechcraft Beech King Air 250 Regional
Beechcraft Beech Super King Air Regional
Bombardier Challenger 605 Regional
Bombardier Challenger 850 Regional
Bombardier Challenger 870 Regional
Bombardier CRJ100 Regional
Bombardier CRJ1000 Regional
Bombardier CRJ100ER Regional
Bombardier CRJ200 Regional
Bombardier CRJ200LR Regional
Bombardier CRJ200LRF Regional
Bombardier CRJ400 Regional
Bombardier CRJ700 CRJ700 Regional
Bombardier CRJ900 Regional
Bombardier CRJ900LR Regional
Bombardier CS100 Regional
Bombardier CS300 Regional
Bombardier Q100 Regional
Bombardier Q200 Regional
Bombardier Q300 Regional
Bombardier Q400 Regional
Bombardier Q400NG Regional
British Aerospace ATP Freighter Regional
British Aerospace Bae 146 QT Regional
British Aerospace Bae 146-100 Regional
British Aerospace Bae 146-200 Avro RJ85 BAE146 Regional
British Aerospace Bae 146-300 Regional
British Aerospace Jetstream 31 Regional
British Aerospace Jetstream 32 Regional
British Aerospace Jetstream 41 Regional
Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Regional
Cessna Cessna 207 Regional
Dornier Do 228 Regional
Dornier Do 228 NG Regional
Dornier Do 328-100 Regional
Dornier Do 328JET Regional
Embraer EMB 120 Regional
Embraer EMB 120ER Regional
Embraer ERJ 135 Regional
Embraer ERJ 140 Regional
Embraer ERJ 145 Regional
Embraer ERJ 145LR Regional
Embraer ERJ 145XR Regional
Fairchild Swearingen Metro Regional
Fairchild Swearingen Metro 23 Regional
Fairchild Swearingen Metro II Regional
Fairchild Swearingen Metro III Regional
Fokker Fokker 100 Regional
Fokker Fokker 50 Regional
Fokker Fokker 50F Regional
Fokker Fokker 70 Regional
GippsAero GA8 Airvan Regional
Ilyushin IL-114 Regional
Ilyushin IL-18D Regional
Ilyushin IL-62M Regional
Ilyushin IL-76TD Regional
LET L-410 Regional
LET L-410 UVP Regional
Lockheed L100-30 Regional
Saab Saab 2000 Regional
Saab Saab 340A Regional
Saab Saab 340AF Regional
Saab Saab 340B Regional
Sukhoi Superjet 100 Regional

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