DevLog 60: General Aviation, Jobs & Playability!

So, after 24 hours it is finally here for you. We did actually get caught up in coding and did forget that it was Monday. :slight_smile:

We hope you will enjoy it! :airplane:


Yay, I was expecting it to be uploaded at 3am or some other ungodly hour when most of us are asleep, but you guys still seem to be hard at work!

I think the jobs section looks good, I’m interested to see how it works in practice. The GA looks really nice. Presumably GA flights are happy with remote stands - I wonder if this means that remote stands for pax are any closer?

The playability is a big thing, and I’m glad you’re spending time fixing the little quirks under the hood with this. It really can make or break a game. Revising pathfinding and having pax respond to deleted/moved items is actually very important, because when you let the game loose on the general public (i.e. people like me who don’t always play by the rules!) the bug reports would just come in thick and fast.

Looking good Fredrik. Can’t wait for the second video.

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Repect :raised_hands:. Another Weekend, a new Devlog… It looks great. I like the asepect of the carrier mode and the employability of the employees.

It will be a hard Weekend, not to think about the 2nd Part of the video :see_no_evil::yum:

Take care guys and habe a nice Weekend.

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We did actually get caught up in coding and did forget that it was Monday

he says at a Thuesday :joy:, dedication :clap:

I wasn’t expecting GA to come before the initial release, that’s great news. So, might I sugest…flight schools? It would be a different type of flights on GA airports (touch and go’s for example) wich would add variety.

Are you planing on adding reaserch in to the game? (for example unlocking tarmac taxiways and runways)

Ha! I can’t wait for forum moderaters, and perhaps more categories! :grinning:It drives me crazy when the forum gets cluttered up! Do you have to have GA requests? I hate that type of game, so of course I don’t want it in ACEO!


Really hope they will not include research such thing has been build before, and just will look like in simairport something thrown in because they wanted it to be there

Just give the game an arcade style


Looking good fellas!

It gives the airport character is you start small and eventually build it bigger and bigger.
Can’t wait for the next video! Happy coding haha :wink:

General Aviation is a pretty important revenue stream for most regional airport including the airport I work on so it’s nice to see it being added in :slight_smile: ,
Just to put things into perspective we get more revenue from a private jet like a Bombardier GLEX or a Gulfstream 6 than we do from a low cost carrier Airbus A320.

Great work guys!
I’m loving the GA, is such a nice thing to have for the start of the game. Makes it much more realistic. I’d love to see some type of Aero Club’s or flight schools. Both do training and would add another aspect to the game if we have GA operators operating on our airfield, completing Touch & Go’s or regional scenic flights (Which you’d see leave and come back a hour later etc)

I like the idea of the shirts as well, hopefully the fatigue part your mentioned is added, would add a whole other aspect for us CEO’s to manage.

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Oh wow… Love it!!!:heart:

Take your time Devs, we want the second video a detailed one!!! Try to show all the management features.

And as for the forum moderators, I nominate @me123 and @Bigbigcheese. Both are quite mature and talk more sensible than any person on this forum.


Very nice devlog. Worth waiting a day extra for :wink:

I especially like that shifts have been implanted and the way they work. Seems like a nice level of micromanagement. The Cessnas are cute and good-looking :innocent:

I agree on that one

I really love the field airport and by the way the workshift method sounds awesome.

I can’t wait for the first release :smiley:

Awesome. Thanks for your job guys

Regarding jobs, what’s the end vision? 8-hour shifts and after that point staff become frustrated/bored/fatigued? So all you have to do is just have x2 of each (assuming the Airport is open for 16 hours) or x3 (if round-the-clock)? Does that really add something important in terms of gameplay? Simply having one person paid x2 or x3 would be sufficient.

Unless if they can call in sick. Or have accidents while working, And you can’t just hire someone new instantly to replace them (i.e. when you hire new people, they can start work after 2-3 days). Or if their skills increase on a daily basis (some faster than others) and you can rearrange them depending on which tasks are most important. A Rimworld-like system! Now this is something you should look into. Which is very well implemented in that game and is no micromanagement at all.


So you have skills like
Bureaucracy (for people working in offices).
Security (for people working in … you guessed it … security).
Cooking (for restaurants and cafes).
and so on.

This means having only one employee type and then deciding if they are going to be placed in security or the check-in desk


Oh shait that would be immense. I absolutely adore the skill-system in RIMWORLD, but again it’s a discussion worth having if it should be this advanced in ACEO. After all, a big international airport has houndreds if not thousands of employees and knowing how much work it is to manage 20 colonists in RIMWORLD this could really chew in to the other aspects of the game. Then again, as a CEO you have a group of leaders directly under you or a HR department, so you wouldn’t actually manage the staffing.

Also, if you have only one emplyee-type you still need to assign them to tasks, so that kind of makes it more than one employee type after all. In real life airports the check-in agents cannot be assigned to work security in a pinch, and passports won’t be sent to the cafeterias.

Yes, you are right about rearranging. An office worker shouldn’t go do the cleaning in the toilets if he/she has completed his/her tasks for the day. Though that would be fun!

Perhaps you could be given a pool of possible employees from whom to hire, with those with higher skills in certain areas asking for higher wages. And once you select who to hire you have to make a one-off decision of where to place them: security, check-in, etc. Then again, that’s a bit harsh. What if someone perfect for security appears later in your pool and want to hire, but you have already the four staff necessary for security? Maybe after 6 months you could be allowed to fire or demote or promote your staff (and thus rearrange them). These are all thoughts. Have no idea of how such a system could be implemented.

Regarding numbers, still this is a game, not software aimed at companies where numbers should be realistic. Even if the stats screen (there better be a stats screen) says that 50 million people pass through your airport each year, I really doubt you would need more than 100 employees (and even that’s quite a high number). It would be impractical and the game impossible to play. BTW, in Rimworld you can have up to 50 colonists when playing Randy Random and that works fine.

Yes, there should really be a “reposition” option there. If you have a security officer with 8 in security and 7 in bureaucracy and suddenly find a 9-sec person available you should be able to reposition the first to office-duty. I really hope they can make a game where 100 people isn’t nearly enough to administrate a multi-runway international airport. I want to be sucked in in micromanaging in this game, and I’m already dreaming about it :stuck_out_tongue: With this site, forum and teasers they’ve sett my expectations yay high.