Bus Service Gate->Plane

Hey there,

first of all, I want to also say that this game is super awesome. I am completely in love after having followed the devblog for about a year now, and I must say that I had really high expectations of the game. However, the game exceeeds all expectations I had. It is super fun and I just can’t stop playing.
After having scrolled through the forum, I have already found so many great ideas on how to improve the game even more, and I’m really excited to see where the game is going and what changes will be implemented in the future.

One Idea, that I would love to see, and I’m not sure if this has already been mentioned, is an Airport Bus Shuttle Service.
I know, there have been lots of talks about interior transportation already, but I do not mean Busses transporting Passengers from e.g. Terminal A to B, but from a Boarding Gate to the actual stand of the plane.
This, I think, could really work well together with the “Backup Gates” or Gate Changes if a plane runs late:

If Plane A runs late and still blocks the Gate for Plane B, and all other Gates are also blocked or awaiting for a plane, passengers just board a bus to Plane B, which stands and waits at a backup-Gate, that is not directly connected to the Terminal.

Sorry if this has already been proposed, I just found busses for regular transportation or from Terminal A to B in the forum.

Thanks so much for an amazing game! :slight_smile:

Great idea mate, these are planned and usually refered to as remote gates. Looking forward to their implementation.

Have a look at these…

Hope they help! :grinning:

Thanks :slight_smile:
However, I didn’t want to propose Remote Stands, I know they are already in discussion :slight_smile:

This was mainly about the busses :slight_smile:

Could also work without the Remote Stands, just to have Regular Scheduled flights boarded by bus

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