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Realise there has been (a LOT) of discussion on this but don’t think its ever had its own thread which it deserves as such a big future feature. If i’m being blind, please do merge!

So obviously this is for after alpha release as it would throw up lots of issues I’m sure, but recent trip to a small airport gave me a thought at a potential easier first step for implementing remote stands. Here, the passengers walk along the pavement of the service road from the exit of one gate to the stand. I notice there are already crossings etc, so this could be a sort of stage 1 for when you have a terminal without enough space for more gates. A few staff are there to make sure no one goes the wrong way. The next stage could of course be adding buses which I guess must be more tricky code wise? It sort of makes more sense as that’s how many low cost and / or small airports work, where it’s actually quite uncommon for planes to directly connect to the gate. Buses are overkill for short distance stands too.

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I’ve excluded discussions about vehicles for the remote stand :slight_smile:


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To add in my comments to this discussion, in India, at most airports, there are many many remote stands, but few gates to feed to them (economy/budget airlines). The gate is essentially more of a bus stop than a boarding gate. The bus then takes the passenger to wherever the plane is parked. So basically, even though each plane is parked for around 1-2 hours at a remote stand, in the same time, a single gate offers boarding to a different flight every 20-30 min. That is to say, a single boarding gate operating at full capacity can handle passengers of planes parked on 6-8 different remote stands.

Below is my local airport at Jaipur. It has 2 gates with jetways on the 2nd floor, mainly reserved for international flights. There are also around 8 remote stads from what I can count, and inside the terminal, there are only 2 terminal gates. These 2 gates serve all 8 stands.

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It wasn’t Leeds-Bradford LBA was it?
I always seem to have to walk miles down an open sided covered walkway whenever I board a flight there. Then it’s over the crosswalk and up the airstairs. It’s always bl**dy cold and windy there too.:persevere:

So you can kind of make remote stands using sidewalks, and I’m testing foundation without walls ( I’ll touch on this in a different thread for why I use foundation in certain areas instead of sidewalks) the sidewalks have to be in a secure zone, with a door to outside

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