Andy's weird mega airports

As everyone shows their airports, I will start a topic now as well. :smiley:
I am working on a new airport with the target to get my computer to explode lol.

It’s going to take a few weeks to finish, I am already working on it since quite a while. At the end, I don’t know how stable it will work.

Here is what is already done or at work:

F-Gates (international):

G-Gates (international)

Still to do:

  • The entire public area
  • Baggage system
  • Shengen and Domestic Terminal
  • Runway and Taxiway layout
  • and a lot more

That looks really interesting. :+1:

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Actually still working on it. After a restart due to not enough space for the Shengen and Small terminal. :slight_smile:

Here the current progress on the Shengen terminal.

Including a Skybridge for small aircrafts to get to the domestic stands.

The other parts are still as above (just slightly improved)

The low cost terminal:

The International Terminal 1

The International Terminal 2


@andyc very impressive. Whats your map size?

2000x2000. But I think I won’t need all space.

Also I won’t run the full scheduler capacity as due the pathblocking issue. It’s just more a design airport until that gets fixed.

This is looking… interesting… :stuck_out_tongue:

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The two main passport checks are getting tested.

Departure G:

Departure F:

Arrival G (left) and F (right)


Some more insights:

Terminal G Departure Tests

Terminal G Ground level for arrivals

Terminal F Departure area with restaurant/bar

LCC Terminal D Upper Level with lounge and restaurants

LCC Terminal D Ground Level


Wow… Looking amazing. Hope I can be like you! :stuck_out_tongue:

How did you do that on-floor markers with G, F and etc?

There are some sticker mods on the Workshop


Thank you!

Sadly, the plan of the airport above doesn’t work.

The idea leading the arriving passengers to 2nd floor, causes them to stuck after deboarding and only proceed passenger by passenger. The reason is, the passport control is on ground level.

That means the pathfinding (as usual) struggles to convince the passengers to go to 2nd level, then to 1st level again and then down to ground level. :frowning:

So I need another redesign and try the passport control on 2nd level as well in the hope, this time, the passengers can find the way quicker.

coming back with a new attempt in a few months :rofl:


I’ve started working on that airport again and made some changes.

The LCC terminal mentioned last time had a complete overhaul and is now splitted into an international area on ground floor and a Schengen area on the 1st floor.

Changes on the other terminals will follow.


The international terminal G has not changed that much since 2021.
The arriving passengers are using an independent international zone on gound level. So can’t go to the upper floor. The only way they have is straight to the passport checks.

Here the full view:

A closer look at the ongoing traffic

The SWISS lounge, staff rooms and restrooms are new.

more will come soon


Amazing work!

Do you use modified map size or does this fit within the default large map?

And also, I see you also separate arriving and departing passengers. Could you share more pictures of your gate area (single gate) with all the floors?

Sure, I will take some pictures of that next time.

It’s of course a changed map. I do use the entire lenght of 2000 tiles. The width of 2000 tiles has still space left, but I still need to figure out a good setup for the runways.

Copy that.

Do you have any performance issues with such a large map?

If the pathes are made simple, no.
Currently with 5k pax and 22 planes:


Here some details of the arrival and departure separation of the international terminal.
There are two separate international zones. Only staff can cross between them.

There is one inbound passport control only because it is needed. But no passenger will have a reason to use it, because no boarding desk is within that zone.
Also the international remote stands will drop their passengers right infront of the arrival passport control.

The next terminal I will show uses the same logic but arrivals go to the 2nd floor.