AirportCEO Airlines to Real Airlines

This is how I sometimes see airlines in AirportCEO:
Maple-Air Canada
Stripe Air-? (Tell me what you think it is)
Fly Penguin-?
Skylink-? (Maybe skylink express but they do cargo)
Sky fly-?

Tell me more that I forgot & what you think they are.

Stripe is based on United i think

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I thought it was Tulip

Nordic should be Air Baltic. Because of the colours

I always thought Tulip was a nod to the Netherlands (KLM), although it may not look like their scheme. Tulips - the Netherlands… Just sayin’

I have always thought of Tulip as Air Holland.

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Same. I also thought of this airline but i didn’t remember the name.

I believe Skyfly is a hint for Lufthansa, because of the logo, color and in a very long run, even the name.

Ahhhh memories :blush:

Very first airline design contest:

First airline design contest voting:

Second design contest:

So here is my complo theory;
Stripe Air (The first one in game) > Scandinavian (Old livery)


Skylink reminds me of the amazon logo a little

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I like it.

I actually think Stripe Air is American Airlines

SkyFly Airlines is based on a virtual airline that doesn’t exist anymore. The airline was never created with an intention to look like Lufthansa! :stuck_out_tongue:


(FSX Pictures, green one was a special Simpsons livery)


Allure reminds me a lot of People’s Viennaline.


I am surprised!

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