Airport CEO 1.0-0 released

Are those issues that could be fixed? It really bothers me.
@humoresque already post about the bug in his post few weeks ago.


Yeah, this problem really annoys me… It prevents some cool ideas :frowning:

Here is my bug report: 45849
If you check it out you will like the airport it’s on :wink:

Edit: Im sad to see this is being ignored…


It’s not ignored, it’s just a bit beyond what the sticker system was intended for and therefor not something that is easily fixed… we have looked at it but don’t really have any good ideas for the time being.


Now rolling out Airport CEO 1.0-37 on the experimental branch with just a few minor fixes, more specifically a permanent fix for the BAE 146 Avgas fuel issue:

Release notes - Project Mercury - Version 1.0-37


MERCURY-45940 Certain aircraft can in rare instances not request to expected fuel type (especially BAE 146 requesting Avgas fuel)

MERCURY-45668 New project button can in very rare instances still be active even if all projects are completed

MERCURY-45630 Bug report version not correctly set

We expect this to roll out on the default branch next week.


Thanks for the response! I totally understand, and what we’re doing is a bit above what it was made for.


As the reporting tool doesn’t work:

The de-iceing trucks for the TU114 crash into the plane. May it’s not the only new DLC aircraft having this issue.

Will have a look at it!

Edit: Fixed it, thanks.


Default branch, version 1.0-37

Bug report MERCURY-46169

Fuel trucks not delivering fuel.

New airport, first fuel depot set up. Signed contract with fuel supplier, first delivery truck turns round at junction in airport access road and disappears.

Request extra fuel with button on fuel depot, another delivery truck appears, this one repeatedly turns round at junction, and exits.

Press extra fuel button again, and this time the truck comes, access airport and delivers fuel…

EDIT: …and then two more appear - the first one will top up the depot (the airport tanker has taken some) - the second one will pause and exit again…

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Can you try it without roads in panning mode? May the trucks want to use a path which hasn’t been built yet. If it works then, we have a new bug.

Experimentation this morning…

Without any planned objects, fuel delivery made without issue:

With planned roads, issue occurs:

With planned aircraft stand or terminal building, no problem:

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Default and Experimental branches, version 1.0-37

MERCURY-46194 (sent from default branch) [NB: cannot send bug report from Experimental branch]

Cannot cancel franchise contract

I am trying to cancel a franchise contract (Hilltop Cafe) and when I press the 'Yes" button, the contract disappeaars from the screen but the prompt remains. When I press Esc, the contract is still active.

I have tried this on several of the franchises (cafe and shop, inside and outside security zone) and the same happens.

I have previously managed to cancel one other contract successfully, this is the second attempt within this build.

I do have a mod (Real Food & Shop Franchises by Dubinek) installed - I removed and unsubscribed from the mod and retried cancelling the contract, without success.

EDIT: This morning I verified game files, and when this didn’t resolve issue, uninstalled and reinstalled game. Still the same.


I just want to draw attention to this post on steam which highlights a bug (Not my post, I didn’t find the bug!):

Hey hey hey!

We’re taking a break from the planning of Project Venus by doing some Airport CEO work ahead of the summer break. Here’s 1.0-39 fixes for some extreme edge cases:

Release notes - Project Mercury - Version 1.0-39


MERCURY-46416 Some projects can in rare instances have a lower max assignable admins amount than the minimum assignable amount

MERCURY-46413 Flight planner does not always load correctly after closing the fligjht planning panel while dragging a flight

MERCURY-46406 Aircraft can in extremely rare instances get stuck outside the active world

MERCURY-46400 Cancelling of contracts can in extremely rare cases throw an unhandled NullReferenceException

MERCURY-46366 Administrators can in extremely rare instances not be redistributed after project completion

MERCURY-45993 Incorrect font in departure boarding card can cause some characters to appear as missing

MERCURY-45345 Flights can in very rare instances overlap as a result of automatic planning on extremely large airports

We will be spending a few days of the next week to do some more ACEO stuff… perhaps we can even get something new to fly…


I didn’t know a game takes this long to plan! Hope everything is going well and we will hear about it soon.


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Unfortunately it doesn’t work at my extrem airport.

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After letting the game running for about 4 hours it’s not getting better.

I never had this case on my XXL airports in the last 2 years.
But with my old computer. When the game had lags due to performance and when in exact that moment the game (or player) wants to schedule a flight, it could end at the wrong spot.

I’m playing only with auto planer but you’re right it can only be a performance problem.
Well if an i7-10750H is not enough for the game (at my side), i need a better one. :wink:

Has the passenger desire for shopping been nerfed? I am finding it extremely difficult to get my 2* and 3* shops to fulfil the daily quota, despite there being obviously enough PAX traffic through my airport, as the corresponding 2* and 3* cafes are reaching 2x-3x their quotas with the same amount of PAX throughput.

Current build is small commercial only (medium being built). PAX 1000-1100/day over 42 flights. 3* cafe in check-in area does 425-500 sales on a 185 target, 2* cafe in departure area does 400-450 sales on a 130 target. 3* shop in check-in area does 30-36 sales on a 225 target, 2* shop in departure area does 30-35 sales on a 130 target.

I have noticed this on my previous couple of builds, also; it’s getting regular enough to be a problem.

EDIT: So I resigned the existing incubents when they failed to meet quotas for the necessary period, to see if business picked up when a couple of medium stands were included in the mix. PAX throughput is now 1800-1900 per day, the cafes are raking in the excess with glee; the number of sales in the shops has risen, but still not to the quota levels. Contracts lapsed again, I signed the 2* shop into the space previously occupied by the 3* shop in the check-in area; a 1* shop was signed in the departure area. Both are now making their quotas, in the case of the 1* shop, only just on occasions.

NB: These are all vanilla franchises.