Airport CEO 1.0-0 released

What exact kind of lag do you have?
Can you share your savegame so i can have a look at?

Slow boarding issue - should a manual desk be 3 times slower than the auto desk? Could this be one of the issues players experiencing with boarding delays?

In real world, automated boarding desks (and even check-in desks) are almost always slower than those manned by an employee. The employee will always process passengers faster due to experience of using the equipment, compared to the public attempting to scan their own. However, the benefit is correctly simulated as the auto desks and smaller and cheaper :slight_smile:

Anyone else having issues with slow boarding? I’d suggest monitoring a few flights and compare if a PSA arrives after boarding starts as this seems to trigger the delays and queue pathfinding errors too?

Please send a bug report with the save where you experience this and let me know the number here.

Your assumption is correct and something I agree with, however this is one of those cases where reality is not reflected in ACEO. For the sake of the pacing of the game and feature unlocking, the automated desks are both faster and do not require staff. As for the proposed boarding issue itself, this is something we’re still investigating.


Accidentally added contractors via F10 menu, now unable to remove them and the contract signed for those services is effectively stuck?

They’re effectively trapped at my airport, preventing cancellation of the contract :frowning: might there be anything I can do manually to fix this, or some way of those contractor employees being included in the counter for the contract? I’ve maybe F10 generated the employees before signing the contract but it was a while ago to remember.

I noticed something has changed since I last started a build. Previously I could get away with a single manned boarding desk on a small stand, no matter what the size of aircraft and PAX loading. On my current build, all flights with Saab 340s failed to load before the scheduled departure time, and the relevant airlines got pretty fed up. All this did was get me to R&D Automation earlier than I usually do, just to get an auto gate on the stand too. When I did this, departure times were adhered to…

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There seems to be a “known” bug the developers are working to fix :slight_smile: but so far still investigating, I know they’ll get it sorted as usual.

My experience of it is that remote stands are impossible to keep on time and it seems the bus timings are being complicated by the issue, whilst stands connected to terminal are very tight for timings even with doubling up the number of boarding desks.

My usual config (with additional auto gates added for stands prone to late boarding due to other services causing delays e.g. road/taxiway congestion, long distances…)
Small = 1x small manual + 1 auto optional to avoid late staff impacting boarding (1-2 Total)
medium = 1x small manual + 2-3 auto (3-4 Total)
large = 1x large manual + 4 auto (6+ Total)

This configuration has served me well since first playing this game :slight_smile: sharing this just for info to other players that may be experiencing similar situation. The above config is no longer workable in some situations.

Right, sent bug report: MERCURY-45502.

Your gate quantities concur with my usual configurations.

I have no issues with remote stands keeping time, usually the flights manage to leave early. I don’t use auto-planner and schedule the smaller medium aircraft that don’t need a stair truck (ATR42/72, CRJ200/700) to the remote stands.

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That feeling when you know something just isn’t quite right… For example look at these images: But for me its the concrete textures :face_vomiting: (And that wording… Just isn’t quite right… Sound off?)

Thanks to @Hap0vecXD for the inspiration for me to get out Inkscape and do it! No images yet though, I need to get that concrete fixed, and add some more sticker types. Sorry!
See here for discussion: 45 Degree Taxiways Mod!


Oooh, diagonal taxiways - gimme gimme gimme… :grinning:


Rolling out 1.0-35 now on the experimental branch with the following changes:

Release notes - Project Mercury - Version 1.0-35


MERCURY-45608 Passenger interaction time at a boarding desk doesn't always properly reflect the staff's skill and desk's condition

MERCURY-45606 Updated baggage claim room requirements to include at least three (3) baggage belts

MERCURY-45508 Non-public transit structures can in rare instances be considered for airport transit calculations cause ghost cars to endlessly attempt parking at staff parking lots

MERCURY-45466 Aircraft can in rare instances pushback despite being grounded due to severe weather incident

MERCURY-45435 Certain franchise contracts cannot always be properly signed immediately via the room panel

MERCURY-45379 Boarding start time can in some instances with extremely large flights start before that flight's time of arrival

MERCURY-45366 Extremely rare baggage stack overflow exception when baggage belt claim areas do not contain proper carousels can cause application crash

MERCURY-45363 Passengers waiting for check-in do not always claim seats in their flight's check-in counter terminal


New name for Airport CEO? :slight_smile: :rofl:

Any particular reason for this change, as I haven’t had any issues with Baggage Claim which would necessitate such a restriction.

What exactly are ‘Baggage Belts’ in this context?

Will this affect existing Baggage Claim areas in airports started before this restriction and do not meet it?

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Could an option in the hiring menu, maybe as an R&D project be added to train all your staff to max level with one click? If you have 200+ staff, it takes a long time to train them all.

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Haha, we’ve named our projects in accordance with the order of the planets and so just to keep consistency Airport CEO is now, at least internally, Project Venus.

Should say conveyor belts, not baggage belts. It’s due to an extremely rare bug which I don’t really have time to go through here but also because I can’t see why you would ever only have one or two single conveyor belts in a baggage claim area? Wouldn’t really serve a very functional purpose.


Imagine seeing 3 A380s and 3 747s unloading at the same time with a full passenger load, and then rushing to get your bags, seeing that all 6 aircraft use only 2 bits of conveyor belts. :sweat_smile:


Yeah… in reality I kind of wanted to push that limit a bit higher but then again who am I to dictate how CEOs prefer their baggage claims? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I could see why people want to shrink it. Saving space is key if you want to build a lot in a small area.

Is this feasible with the coding for the game?

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MERCURY-45848 Stickers are rendered too big; Stickers are rendered with a weird borders.

Stickers are rendered too big, they extend over the tiles they are placed on.
Stickers are rendered with a weird borders.
Video quality - fantastic - exterior object edge smoothing (both on/off).