48 med stands - My FRA version in action (FPS-killer!) - download

Hi All,
here is my slightly rebuilt airport:

As baggage services didn’t work and some other issues occured (and I wanted to build an (working) airport with maximum amount of stands) I had to redesign:

So here are updated stats:
4 runways
48 medium commercial stands
(organized in 6 gate groups from A1 to F8 and 8 baggage groups from B1 to B8)
64 check-in desks
8 baggage bays (no scanners, yet)
5 vehicle depots
19 Security checkpoints (2 employees only)
7 management offices - mine is biggest, of course :wink:

this is completely redesigned:

  • no more GA
  • baggage bays more centered, to shorten pathes, better performance
  • rebuilt terminal to a huge “8”, as it seems to be most efficent design
  • added (basic+detailed) baggage scanning

All pics and save-folder can be downloaded here:

Looking forward to your feedback! :slight_smile:


total airport (more below):

Hi Folks!
So here we are, my ‘little’ version of Frankfurt Intl. Airport.
4 runways
34 medium commercial stands
(organized in 5 gate groups from A1 to D6 and 8 baggage groups from B1 to B8, so they’re named like “D 8 - B6”)
30 small GA stands
64 check-in desks
8 baggage bays (no scanners, yet)
7 vehicle depots
19 Security checkpoints (2 employees only)
7 management offices - mine is biggest, of course :wink:
3 sets of bathrooms
5 shops
5 foodstores
4 staffrooms

Still some work in progress, only open for testing, no normal flight operations, yet.

Airport services are fully working, tested per baggage-bay-group and per gate group with 0/5min landing window.

Next testing steps:
-one-shot heavy load test (1 flight on 17 stands with 0/5min landing window)
-full day for one baggage bay group (17 stands) under full load.
-one-shot heavy load test (1 flight in every single stand within shortest timeframe possible)
-full day - full load
Please cross your fingers for my CPU :wink:

As staff statistics aren’t implemented, yet, I have to test very much to find out how many workers I need for a good workflow… Can’t count manually, having around 400 employees…

Next working steps:
-finalise baggage claim area design (seems to be a problem since 0.22.1 as baggage arrives too late at claim area, now…)
-add seatings to all boarding areas, to main entrance area and to baggage claim area
-add some more smaller bathrooms
-rebuild bus stop/construction delivery

It is built on ‘original’ starting tile with 2.000.000 $ starting amount, no sandbox, no cheats, no editing.

It’s my 6th airport and second try of building as big as possible.

Imo layout isn’t perfect, 36 stands should be possible, I think…
Next project already scheduled… :wink:

Feel free to ask any question, advice and/or ideas are welcome!

I will upload the savegame as soon as next working steps are finished…

Looking forward to your FPS… :slight_smile:
My lowest, for now, were 3fps…


Some detailed pics:

main building:

gates A-B:

gates D-E:



You used so many holding points which can cause stuck airplanes.

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Thanks for this hint.
I’ve heard from that, and had some issues with my first airports, but now for me it works very well as it is now. Taxiing is fluent, no strange behavior and no delays from bad taxiing. I believe that distance between planes is shorter, because of the holding points, but no evidence.

But I’ll test behaviour, after deleting some holding points :slight_smile:

Lol just loaded this airport (going through the latest bug reports). I was like “why does this world take so long time to load?”… and now I know why. Looks cool and I think the issue with the ramp agents is that there is not staff room that accepts ramp agents, is this correct?

Edit: We also have a pretty nice performance update on night lighting in place, otherwise this would have crushed my CPU… :stuck_out_tongue:

2nd eidt: Lol’ed when I saw this:


Runaways ahead?

Taxiway 3 wide is good enough. Will make rooms for more gates :wink:, or double taxi ways.
I feel taxiway with same width as runnways dont look and feel right.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

But unfortunately the ramp agents stopped working before I excluded them from staff rooms. I already sent another bug report (the first one) where you can see that.

Furthermore I now made seperate staff rooms for ramp agents only near baggage bay and still having this issue.

In fact the issue got worse, as now even the ramp agents at baggage bay ignoring baggage. Just standing there doing nothing while baggage piles up and servicetrucks standing there and waiting… :frowning:

Could you please have another look in it?
I’m afraid that all my work was only for eyecandy, as ramp agent system seems to be totally broken, here.

Furthermore I have another issue with crowds of pax standing in bathrooms, complaining but not using toiletts… :frowning:

Should I send another bug report with the actual file?

This is not really a bug but more a behavioral issue. Build more gate seatings and other stuff, shops and food areas, for the passengers to interact with and they will leave the bathrooms.

As for the ramp agent bug, try 0.22.2 on the experimental branch and see if it solves your issue.

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My computer crashed by just looking at these screenshots.


Hi All!

As the old design didn’t work properly I rebuilt huge parts. So please find pics and save-file in initial posting.

Is any body able to run that file with more than 3 FPS ??? :wink:

I made break rooms in the actual baggage bays themselves… all of them. Granted this is a really old post, but it still works.

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game stuck at loading screen

How long have you left it?

Well, this airport was made on a very old version of the game.

I’ve loaded it for the last time after remote stands update and it it was totally broken.

So even if you could load it, what could likely take an hour or more, don’t expect it to be playable…

But there will be a successor, soon, keep on track here: https://forum.apoglabs.com/t/eann-exclusive-ibiza-intl-airport-financial-scandal-turns-into-a-political-thriller