Impact of queuing bus passengers on FPS

I have a 16 medium stand sized airport with 4 bus stops and about 4000 passengers at its peak.
I noticed that at some point, almost 50% of these passengers were waiting at the bus stops to leave with a large impact on FPS. I closed the airport to get a clean start again and it took about 15 game hours to completely clear up the queue.

Having these arriving passenger leave faster would be very beneficial regarding fps. All the queuing passengers account for a ‘loss’ of about 20 fps on my system (i7, GTX970,16GB RAM).

Q: Is there any possible way to speed it up? Simply adding more bus stops? I did try it but I guess because of the shortest path and the configuration I used, not a lot of people were going there.

Additional transportation means such as trains, taxi’s, carparks etc. would be great!

More bus stops works.
I have 15, at the moment, but wanna redesign… :wink:

see here:

Looking forward to getting the promised train/metro/… , too! :slight_smile:

I have about 10 bus stops but fps at peak is still around 5. More bus stops ofc will make a difference.

At peak fps will always be bad (till optimizing performance in general), more bus stops just bring you back to normal faster as pax are gone faster…

FPS depending on how much ‘agents’ (or tasks) have to be calculated right now. As more pax (and stuff and planes and vehicles, active items = ‘agents’) are active in your airport, as slower everything is.

Hopefully devs are able to make reasonable progress in optimizing these calculations.

Let’s add a “call a new bus” option to bus stops.

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Devs, please ιncrease bus capacity until major optimization